4 Tips of How to Pick a New Watch Strap

A watch strap is a kind of bracelet responsible for holding your wristwatch in place. Also referred to as watch bands, they come in different forms. They are in fabrics, rubber, metals(stainless steel), and leather. A watch strap also comes in a combo of several materials.

When you choose a replacement watch strap, the appearance of your wristwatch will be altered. But you still got the find the right strap suitable for your budget. Requirements for a watch accessory can be a bit challenging. To get the best deal for your money, there are a few things you need to consider when buying a new watch strap. 

A classic watch deserves a good strap to go with it. To have a smooth ride while choosing a watch strap, here is a quick guide for you.

Best Ways for Choosing the Right Watch Strap

So you need a new watch strap for your classic watch. But it can be a bit challenging picking from the many types available in the market today. Below are some tips to keep in mind when buying a new watch strap.

Understand the different types of available 

You need to do quick research on the various sorts of watch straps. It gives you better insight into what you are going for.

Straps for watches come in different materials and styles. Figure out which one matches your lifestyle. Are you going for a strap built with materials like rubber, leather, metal, or fabric? 

Some were built to hang uninhibitedly just like a bracelet. Others are made to fit easily on a wrist. To choose the best kind of watch that accommodates your way of life, consider when and how you will wear it.

Size and length

To purchase the right size of a watch strap, ensure that you measure the width between your watch lugs. Most straps for watches come in a standard length that will fit most wrists. If your wrists are extremely big or tiny, then adjust accordingly by going for a longer or shorter strap. Don't also forget to measure the size of your wrist.

Quality material

Before buying a new watch strap, always look into the material it is made of. If possible, reach out to the manufacturer requesting the material lists. You can send them an email. 

Assuming specific material matters to you, keep an eye on forums and sites for watches. You may also get good recommendations here about suppliers with the best watch straps. 

Go for the right tools

Remember that you will remove an old watch strap with a spring bar tool. Modest ones cost around $20 on Zealande e-shop. Having the right tools will make the remover process easier. When you don't have this option, then you can utilize a knife or a little screwdriver. Again, a soft cloth will be required to lay your watch on to prevent it from scratches. Don't neglect this step.  


Knowing the type of watch strap you want will save you a lot of time. Also, always know the right size and material that fits your taste. Picking a new watch strap to rock should be fun!

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