How Much Does my Child Need to Know Before Starting School?

As a parent, you’ll want to find a balance between having fun with your children and educating them. Of course, it can be difficult to get the correct balance, especially when it comes to making sure they know enough to get by at school.

How Much Does my Child Need to Know Before Starting School?
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It is true that there is no upper limit on what a child should know by the time they legally start school at 6 years old. However, knowing too much can go against them as it increases the potential for them to feel alienated from classmates. Alternatively, they may get less attention from the teacher who focuses on lesser-skilled individuals. 

To help your child prepare properly for school life it‘s a good idea to select a reputable centre for early learning Chatswood and send your child. It will ensure they know everything they need to know.

It can help to ensure they are capable of the following:

Using the bathroom

By the time a child goes to school, they should be able to know when they need to use the bathroom and do so without any help. In short, they need to be able to wipe their own bottom.

Be Able To Discuss feelings

Being at school is challenging. Your child will be in a mixed environment and it’s important that they understand their own feelings, are able to talk about them, and are comfortable expressing themselves. 

This will help them sate their cases at school and discuss their feelings with others. 

Know Their Name

Many parents try to get their child to write their own name before they head off to school. While this is beneficial, it’s not generally considered essential. It’s more important that they know what their own name is. 

Know How To Share

In normal society, there are limits regarding what can be shared. Children need to appreciate that something that belongs to them doesn’t need to be shared. However, they also need to appreciate that something that belongs to the school will be shared and they must be comfortable taking turns. 

It’s surprisingly easy to do this with your child before they start school.

Know How To Use Pencils And Crayons

Not every child will be creative but, they do need to know how to hold a pencil, crayons, and even use children’s scissors. These are basic skills which will make school easier for them. 

Understand The Importance Of Routines

At school children must arrive on time and go to lessons at certain times. That means children need to understand the theory of a schedule and the importance of sticking to one. This should be a continuation of the routines you have at home, such as a bath before bed. 

Building routines isn’t just essential for school, it's essential for life. 

Basic Education

Finally, children must be able to express themselves. While their vocabulary will be limited it’s still important that they have a good selection of words they can use. At the same time, they need to be able to count from one to one hundred. It makes everything possible. 

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