7 Reasons Camping Trips Will Always Be Popular

From cruises to package holidays, there are all sorts of options you can consider when planning your next vacation. One type of trip that’s a perennially popular choice for getting away from it all is camping. Here are seven reasons why that’s never going to change.

7 Reasons Camping Trips Will Always Be Popular
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1. Camping Helps You to Disconnect

Camping is a wonderful way to experience a slower pace of life, with no pressure to keep up with social media or work emails. This helps you to truly enjoy your vacation time and appreciate the beautiful surroundings you’re in. Don’t worry though, it’s not mandatory to be completely off the grid. Many campsites provide Wi-Fi to ensure you can stay connected if you want to.

2. Getting Out in Nature Boosts Mental Health

Not only is nature beautiful but spending time in it has been shown to improve mental health. Being surrounded by greenery can reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, while exposure to sunlight can also boost your mood. For even greater benefits, try wild swimming for an instant rush of endorphins.

3. Camping Is Affordable

Going camping is a fantastic option when you’re after a low-budget trip. At the most basic level, all you need is a tent and a sleeping bag. Even official campsites often only charge a minimal rate per night, and once you’re there almost all the activities on offer will be free or low-cost. Of course, you can splash out a bit more on options such as glamping if you prefer a little luxury, or by hiring equipment such as kayaks.

4. There Are Diverse Ways to Camp

These days, camping can be so much more than just a tent in the woods. You could stay in a lavishly appointed yurt, hire a camper van from a company such as Camptoo, or go for something unique such as a treehouse. This allows you to find a camping trip that perfectly suits your preferences and the needs of your family.

5. You Can Explore New Places

One of the most exciting aspects of taking a camping trip is that you get to explore the great outdoors. Whether it’s the heart of a lush forest, a rugged mountainous national park, or a pristine lakeside hideaway, you have the chance to discover stunning new areas and immerse yourself in nature. Plus, when night falls, you’ll be treated to the most amazing view of the stars you’ve ever seen.

6. You Get Quality Time with Friends and Family

Camping can be an unbeatable opportunity to deepen your bond with the other people on your trip. Without the distraction of TV and social media, you’ll naturally spend more time talking as you hike, play games, or cards together, and share stories around the campfire after dark. Alternatively, take a solo trip to discover more about yourself.

7. Camping Can Be Liberating

When you go camping, your itinerary is entirely up to you. You can pitch your tent where you want (within reason), move locations when you feel like it, and plan the day according to exactly what you want to do. Plus, you’ll soon realize that perhaps you don’t need all those creature comforts back at home after all.

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