5 Unique and Quirky Houseplants

If you’re looking for a new houseplant to add to your home, chances are you already know of the many benefits of houseplants. They’re not only pretty to look at but have tons of health benefits by improving the air and your mood, among other things. It’s almost difficult to go wrong with your houseplant choice, as long as you do a little background research.

5 Unique and Quirky Houseplants
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But what you may not know is that there are houseplants out there that can surprise your guests and draw attention away from any other decor in the room. These unique houseplants steal the show by mimicking other plants and animals, curling up into odd shapes, and moving right in front of your eyes.

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Sensitive plant

The sensitive plant might be the quirkiest one out there. That’s because it physically recoils when touched, pulling its leaves inward and not reopening them until several minutes later. This movement is probably a defense mechanism against animals who might try to eat it. As a houseplant, though, it makes the sensitive plant an interesting conversation piece.

There’s no need to fear that touching the plant is bad for it either. Your household, as well as any guests, can touch this plant to witness the leaf-closing phenomenon whenever you want. You might also explain that the plant is quickly drawing water out of the cells in its leaves when it moves. 

Fortunately, the sensitive plant makes a good as well as a unique houseplant because of its relatively easy-care conditions, too. Though it needs a lot of light and proper drainage, it likes approximately the same temperatures that humans are comfortable in (about 60-85 degrees F) and is used to nutrient-poor soil in the wild.

Ribbon plant

Ribbon plants are rare and unique houseplants whose leaves look like ribbons. Though they are succulents, you might not think so at first glance because of the long, coiled foliage. They are delightful to look at, but hard to find. You may need to buy these plants online because your local greenhouse is unlikely to have them.

If you’re able to get your hands on a ribbon plant, you’ll need to research its specific care needs. That’s because the ribbon plant is a bit unusual, growing and needing more water in the winter months as opposed to the more typical summer growth period. As a succulent, though, the ribbon plant doesn’t need much water but does need a lot of sunlight.

The ribbon plant can be difficult to keep clean because of its unusual shape. Dust should be carefully wiped off from time to time to help the plant breathe as well as keep the air cleaner for your home’s human inhabitants. 

Bat flower

The bat flower is a dramatic black or deep purple color with “whiskers” and “wings” like a bat. It’s an orchid that is somewhat difficult to keep healthy as a houseplant, requiring constantly moist soil, warm temperatures, and shady or at least indirect light.

It’s also important that the bat flower doesn’t become root-bound, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it and repot as it grows.

Gardening enthusiasts consider the bat flower to be worth its sensitive needs because of its highly unusual appearance. It’ll attract plenty of attention in your home, dark and exotic-looking compared to the typical light-green houseplant foliage.

Rose succulent

Rose succulents, also known as mountain roses, are quirky houseplants that mimic the appearance of roses. Sometimes they’re even pink! But these rare plants are succulents.

Succulents like the mountain rose may take some experimentation to find what conditions make them thrive. They love the sun (though direct sunlight is too much) and hardly need any water. They grow amongst rocks in the wild, so they don’t need a lot of fertilizer, but proper drainage is important for the rose succulent’s health.

Rose succulents could be a great choice of unique houseplants because they live so much longer than a rose in a vase, but are just as beautiful to look at.

Alocasia Silver Dragon

The Alocasia Silver Dragon plant is a rare cultivar of the more common Alocasia (or “elephant’s ear”). What makes it so unique? Its leaves look like silver dragon scales! Like the rose succulent, the Alocasia Silver Dragon is a beautiful trickster. Its dark-green veins stand out against the silvery leaves to achieve this unusual effect.

Cultivars like the Silver Dragon mean “cultivated varieties,” so this plant doesn’t grow in the wild. You may need to research the more common “elephant’s ear” Alocasia to find care tips for your rare plant if you purchase a Silver Dragon.

This plant is different than the typical Alocasia besides its scaly leaf texture in that it is quite a bit smaller–the whole plant is a perfect houseplant size at around a foot tall, whereas elephant ears have single leaves up to 2 feet wide! The silver dragon is also more delicate in general and is kept indoors to help keep its environment warm and humid.

A Final Word

Every houseplant might not suit everyone’s lifestyle, but this variety of quirky plants will entertain anyone. Just a little maintenance is all you need to turn your home into a greenhouse for plant oddities.

The best overall advice for making your choice of houseplant is to research carefully. This is especially important for these rarer plants, which are harder to come by and therefore more difficult to find, read up on, and be sure your seller is legitimate. 

Remember, many of these rare plants grow in specific environments that may be hard to replicate in your home. Don't be disappointed if your new plant grows slowly or loses some foliage as it adjusts to the environment inside your house. 

If you want to get the most out of your indoor garden, make sure you research the ideal conditions for your plants. 

It’s far from impossible to obtain and care for these odd plants. You could become a proud plant parent of the strangest plant you’ve ever seen!

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