6 Ways To Style Corset Tops

In recent years, corset tops have entered the latest fashion scene. Because of this, your news feed is probably flooded with ads that feature dreamy corsets which you can’t wait to incorporate into your own wardrobe. Despite historically being regarded as innerwear, corsets are now commonly worn as tops and are essentially considered an outer garment. Corset tops are as stylish as they are flattering, which is possibly why they have remained popular all these years. 

With that being said, here are six ways to style corset tops and make them fashionable: 

1. Wear Them Over Or Under A Dress 

Highlight your figure by wearing your corset either over or under a dress. The dress can be flowy or tight depending on the vibe you're going for. It will look elegant when worn with a fitted dress and a cardigan or chiffon cover-up, making it ideal for romantic date nights. A corset and flowy dress combo on the other hand, are perfect for daytime dates or brunch with your besties. Also, you can wear a denim jacket over it to give you a more casual look. Dresses and corsets are certainly a combination any wardrobe should have.

2. Go For Two-Piece Ensembles 

Two-piece corset sets are a great choice for an outfit. Corset tops and bottoms cut from the same fabric can simply be worn with a jacket or sweater to make you appear more stylish. Bydee Lingerie Corsets have sets that you can pair with a see-through dress or even low-waist jeans, both of which are ideal outfits for a night out. The thongs that come with the set can also be worn with clothing like pants, skirts, and shorts. Two-piece corset ensembles are definitely a trend that'll last for ages to come.

3. Pair Them With A Skirt 

Corsets are versatile pieces that can create a variety of looks through different kinds of skirts. A mini skirt and corset combo is perfect for a night spent partying at a club or bar. A distressed denim skirt and corset pair provides a fashionably shabby chic look and is perfect for a simple day outing. If you have a fancy dinner or formal event coming up, wearing a ruched skirt with your corset is the way to go. All in all, skirts are definitely the best choice to wear with your corset tops.  

4. Style Them With Pants 

A corset and pants combination is a great way to really accentuate your figure because both are made to flatter your upper and lower body. Skinny pants and your chosen corset top make for a great smart casual look. On the other hand, straight-cut silk pants and corset tops are the combos you need when you want to dress up. Lastly, pairing your corset tops with baggy denim pants gives you a blast-from-the-past look. Pants and corsets are truly a pair that work in great harmony together.

5. Use Statement Accessories To Accentuate Them

Depending on the corset's cut and pattern print, making a statement piece out of them is definitely a way to make your outfit stand out. You can achieve this by selecting the right accessories to go with them. Since corsets are fitted and usually highlight your décolletage, you can add a necklace or layers of them that matches your corset's color to make you look put together. If your corset is cropped short, you can incorporate a belly chain or belly piercing to highlight your curves. Earrings can match any type of corset top and can be either loud and bold or subtle and dainty. Lastly, rings are a great way to complete a corset look because they create contrast or add a pop of color.

6. Partner Them With A Suit  

Corset tops can be the perfect innerwear that goes best with a casual or dressy suit. Wearing something quite loose-fitting, such as a suit, can greatly enhance the look of your corset top because it’s tight-fitting. The tight and loose clothing combination radiates a dignified and sophisticated look. You can simply remove the blazer if the situation calls for a dressed-down ensemble. Indeed, the suit and corset combination are something you should look out for. 


Ultimately, corsets have evolved into classic items that are found in an increasing number of closets today. When worn, they do in fact exude a classic and stylish vibe, and they don’t appear to be going out of style anytime soon. With so much inspiration you can draw from the internet, knowing how to put on your corset top and wearing them fashionably has never been simpler. The abovementioned tips are great starting points you can consider for your fashion journey.

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