7 Signs Your Marriage is Not Working Out

It is understandable that there will probably be a period where your instincts tell you that your marriage is in trouble but you maintain a state of denial. Eventually, the warning signs will be so overwhelming that you have to take stock of your situation and make what could be a painful decision.

7 Signs Your Marriage is Not Working Out
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Ask some eminent Melbourne family lawyers, for instance, and it will quickly become clear that it makes a lot of sense to seek professional guidance in order to get the best outcome from a very difficult and emotionally painful situation.

Here are a few of the signs that often suggest your marriage is in trouble.

Things are very quiet in the bedroom

Sex in a marriage is usually bound to become less frequent as time goes by. However, if there is less and less intimacy between you and you simply aren’t having sex anymore you need to get to the underlying reason why that is the case.

Affectionate embraces and kissing tend to show that you are still in love with each other even when the sex has become infrequent. If all of these things are in decline it can be a strong indication that things are not right in your marriage.

The conversation has dried up

You have probably seen that couple in a restaurant who are just staring blankly at each other over dinner and the conversation isn’t exactly flowing.

If you feel you have run out of things to say to your partner that is a sign that your partnership is faltering.

You continue to go against your instincts

It might not be that scientific to rely on your gut instincts when making life-changing decisions but most of us invariably know when something is not right.

If you can’t escape that persistent feeling in your gut that your marriage is in trouble there will come a time when you really should pay attention to what your instincts are telling you about your marriage.

You start thinking about what life would be like without your partner

If you find yourself thinking about what life would be like without your partner and your future plans and aspirations don’t automatically include them in your thoughts, that is another red flag that your relationship is not as good as it should be.

The fight has gone out of you

Some relationships are stormy and others exist in calmer waters. If you use to argue about things but can’t even be bothered to fight anymore that is a worrying sign that your marriage has hit the rocks.

When you stop fighting and don’t really care as much as you should then you may well have reached a crossroads.

Your emotions are focused elsewhere

If you have become dissatisfied with your relationship it might be that you find yourself feeling more emotionally drawn to another person.

Considering a relationship with someone else is clearly a bad thing for your current relationship. The fact that you are even thinking about someone outside of your marriage is a massive warning sign that your relationship is faltering.

One or both of you are not willing to get help

The majority of issues in a relationship can often be fixed when you are willing to discuss your problems and seek help with your marriage issues.

If you are unwilling to consider getting help or work on fixing these problems, it is probably fair to say that the odds of survival for your marriage are shrinking at that point.

How many of these signs do you recognize in your relationship?

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