Top 5 Jewelry Design Tips You Need To Know About

How do you choose and style your jewlery without feeling boring? We bet you want to go for something that will make you feel confident. Sounds familiar? Well, the key to choosing the right jewelry and pairing it with your outfit isn't always about an obvious answer. While feeling comfortable and confident are important factors, there are certain tips you must keep in mind. 

Top 5 Jewelry Design Tips You Need To Know About
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And, this article is all about that. Read on to explore jewelry design tips to be your best fashionable self. 

1. Keep The Focus On Your Overall Outfit

Before you go and take out your favorite jewelry pieces, consider this: what do you want your outfit to focus on? If you want to go for something ordinary or simple, we say match the outfit with a fashion statement. 

In short, a simple, even a boring outfit, can be transformed with the right pieces of jewelry. So, for a simple outfit, choose something extra, like a layered look with necklaces, rings and bracelets. But, if you are going for an edgy outfit, keep the jewelery to the minimal. Even a sleek necklace would do the job. 

2. Play With Different Metals

Here's a fact: you don't need to stick to all silver jewelry or all gold jewelry. Feel free to play with all metals and choose a style that truly resonates with you. 

So, go for necklaces with pendants contrasting to the shade of chain, rings with different color metals and layered necklaces with different metals to add that vibrant look to your outfit. You can even go for custom jewelry Toronto designs to get your idea customised into a stunning jewelry design. 

3. Don't Be A Fashion Slave

We get it; we all follow the fashion trends and want to wear everything that's trendy. But, you don't need to follow all the fashion trends. In fact, following trends that don't actually resonate with you won't do any good. You'll just lose yourself in the process. And, also, that's pretty expensive too. 

So, go with trends that you would actually like to follow. Moreover, while choosing jewelry, you must consider the color, metal, frame and the overall design. But, you must also not forget your personality. Choose something that would elevate who you are rather than hiding it. 

4. Wearing A Necklace Is Not Always A Good Idea

Yes, necklaces, especially those minimalistic chains with a small evil eye charm, can look absolutely stunning on almost all outfits, but it's not always necessary to go with a necklace. 

In fact, if you are going for bold hoops, multiple rings and bracelets, you can skip necklaces altogether. Also, if you are wearing a low cut or a turtle neck, you don't always need a necklace. 

5. Include The Sentiments As Well

We're sure most of you would have sentimental jewelry you like to wear every day. But, how you fit those pieces in your outfit is important. Frankly speaking, you don't need to wear your sentimental jewelry every day, apart from the wedding rings. 

And, if you have multiple pieces of sentimental jewelry, think about how you are going to include that in a particular outfit. For instance, if you have a pendant with sentiments attached, you could just attach it to a long chain that would keep it hidden beneath your clothes if the piece doesn't match your outfit. 

Summing Up

When it comes to styling the jewelry with your outfit, you must keep a number of things in mind. But, above all, you must keep yourself in mind. Choose what resonates with you and your personality. Also, remember to play with different trends and metals. 

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  1. I like the emotional part of jewelry. Some people seem to wer jewely just to style themselves, for more beauty. But indeed I prefer few pieces that really mean something to me. - But yes, they have to match the the general outfit, but usually such pieces will always fit automatically for you. (-:


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