Top 3 Fitness Trends of 2017

Top 3 Fitness Trends of 2017

For long-time fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike, keeping up with the latest fitness trends is an essential aspect of bringing innovation into their healthy lifestyles. These include new and proven effective workout routines as well as a variety of exercise equipment and accessories that help in improving overall physical performance. As the years go by, the role of science and technology in the future of health and fitness also becomes more important and relevant. 

Top 3 Fitness Trends of 2017
Top 3 Fitness Trends of 2017  

To give you some fresh ideas, here are the top 3 fitness trends of 2017 that you should not miss out on.

1. Wearable Technology and Fitness Applications

Some of the biggest innovations technology has brought into the world of fitness include wearable technology and health tracking applications. Most wearable technologies are worn around the wrist in the form of watches and wristbands while some are worn around the neck, arms, or attached to clothing. They also come in different shapes and sizes that are equipped with sensors to monitor different body activities such as heart rate and blood pressure. Most of these wearable technologies can also be connected to smartphones and to computers via Bluetooth or USB connection.

There is also a boom in healthcare and fitness applications in the app stores. These mobile applications are designed to assist in a variety of fitness goals including organizing your workout schedule, measuring the number of steps you take, and tracking your calorie consumption. More advanced fitness trackers can measure blood oxygen, fatigue level, and sleep rate. Some of the latest applications are also tweaked to become more user-friendly and more interactive by allowing users to connect and share photos and ideas with each other.

2. Meditation Exercises

While there is an increasing interest in fitness technologies and adventurous workout programs such as hiking and cycling, new and traditional meditation exercises are still becoming more popular across different age groups, genders, and fitness levels. In contrast to intense weightlifting and CrossFit training, these meditation and mindfulness exercises require minimal movements and calm surroundings.

Meditation exercises are scientifically proven to relieve stress and fight against the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression. They are also known to reduce the risks of heart-related diseases, alleviate chronic pains, and help people sleep better. With regards to mental health, meditation techniques are also effective in improving mood and enhancing focus and attention.

3. Sport-Specific Workout Programs

With a greater exchange of ideas, sports-specific workout programs which are specially designed for athletes in the past are now made available to ordinary fitness enthusiasts. Several gyms and fitness centers are also aligning their training equipment and facilities as well as their programs to professional sports leagues.

Sports-specific workout programs are particularly designed to develop one’s skills in a particular sport while increasing their efficiency and avoiding the risks of overtraining. The latest development is expected to draw more interest as sports-specific workout programs are also known to deliver the same results as in traditional workout which includes losing weight and toning muscles. It also provides greater enthusiasm for those who prefer interaction and competition with other people. Visit and check out the best equipment and gears that you can use for sport-specific workout programs.

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