Pros and Cons to Adding Shakeology Shakes to Your Daily Food Intake

Pros and Cons to Adding Shakeology Shakes to Your Daily Food Intake

Meal shakes have been around for years. But with the rise of people who want to lead healthier lifestyles also came the interest in alternative ways of getting fit. For those people who want to do something other than exercising to shed off pounds, meal replacement diets seem like one of the choices.

Pros and Cons to Adding Shakeology Shakes to Your Daily Food Intake
Pros and Cons to Adding Shakeology Shakes to Your Daily Food Intake

These plans usually entail consumers needing to drink a shake instead of having a meal. This works for those who want to lose weight as the shakes usually contain essential nutrients and minerals but are low in calories and sugar.

One of the most popular alternatives to a meal is Shakeology. This company claims that their shakes are made from organic whole food, which is vastly different from the previous shakes which had animal based proteins.

Like any meal replacement shake, Shakeology has its pros and cons. If you are planning to include Shakeology into your diet, take note of some of the good and not so good things you need to consider before deciding to do so.

One of the pros of Shakeology is its list of ingredients, which some say are at around 70, which they say are all beneficial for our body. That means you are getting a good amount of vitamins and minerals without much sugar and calories. This shake was made to make sure that the consumers will experience weight loss and even weight gain if that is their goal.

Another pro is that unlike other shakes out there, Shakeology does not contain any gluten. This is good news for those who are allergic to it. But even if you are not allergic, it is still a benefit as gluten can be addictive and is known to be an obstacle to weight loss.

Another pro is that Shakeology actually tastes good. It might not seem important, but the taste should be considered as you are replacing your meal with just a liquid drink. Try the chocolate variant as it is considered as one of the best-tasting nowadays.

But even Shakeology has its cons, and one of the claims is that it does not contain enough omega-3 fatty acids, which means that you still need to include fish in your diet. Also, if you are taking medicine for your heart, you need to make sure that you consult your doctor. This is because of the vitamin K1 which might affect your medication.

And the one thing that many consumers claim is a con of Shakeology is the price. For 30 servings, you would need to spend around $130. This is quite pricey as some shakes claim that they can give the same benefits as Shakeology for less the price.

If you are looking for an alternative to Shakeology, click for list of best Shakeology substitutes. This site gives detailed information of the shakes you can drink that will give you the same benefits for less the price. 

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