3 Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

3 Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

Summer is just around the corner. Spring is almost over and in a matter of days, the season will change. Say goodbye to the trench coats and fancy robes that made it to the runway this season. It’s time to go bold and bright because summer 2017 is all about exaggeration. The year 2017 will somehow bring us back to the ‘80s, at the time when one-shoulder dresses and metallics totally rock. Here are some 80s fashion trends that you can totally wear with confidence this summer.

3 Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2017
3 Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

Colorful outfits - talking about fashion, there is no decade as vivid and bright as the ‘80s. Back in the day, neon-colored clothes made all the rage. There were no rules in matching colors. Can you imagine how bright yellow was even paired with red? Doing that in the modern day will make you look like you are trying to get people’s attention or make them think that you don’t care about the way you look at all.

To avoid these kinds of mistakes when dressing up, use some color coordination with your outfit. Bright pinks or reds can go with the neutrals. If you have patterned bright skirts that are just waiting to be worn, it’s time to pull it off. Style it with a classic black tank and colored sandals for a cool, summer look.

Harem pants - these baggy, long pants first made its way to the fashion world in 1910 but only made its major return in the early ‘80s. The good thing about harem pants is that they are a versatile wardrobe item. Harem pants with loud prints are definitely a summer thing. They would look nice when paired with a plain tank top.

It may be hard to wear your harem pants on formal occasions because of its loose nature, but you can work that around by choosing the right tops. If you want to wear your harem pants at work, pair it with a silky or sheer top. Wear a blazer to give out a very chic vibe.

Graphic tees and crop tops - this shirt trend will definitely be around not just this summer but the entire year. Even high-fashion houses released their own versions of graphic tees. What’s nice about graphic tees is that you can pull them off with any bottom you have in your wardrobe. If a sporty look is your thing, style it with shorts and sneakers. For a more girly look, pair with a skirt and quirky accessories.

The key trend this summer is either you go big or you go home. Be more stylish by picking the right accessories. Speaking of accessories, the trend will also be the same. “More is More” in summer 2017. 

Wear those gigantic straw sun hats as you hit the beach. Step out in your graphic tee with an oversized bag. Style your harem pants with an eccentric headband for a more retro look. Indeed, this summer is a time to break the monotony. Be colorful, be happy, and just be warm, just like the season!

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