Advantages & Disadvantages of Road Trip

Advantages and Disadvantages of Road Trip

Your car is your freedom. Is it worth starting to travel by car? You should examine all peculiarities of it to understand this. You must take into account all advantages and disadvantages of a road trip by car during your vacation.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Road Trip
Advantages & Disadvantages of Road Trip

First, here are the we list some positivity:

1. The undeniable advantage of an independent road trip is a complete freedom. It means that having seen something interesting on your way, you can easily stop and stay for a while.

2. The second plus is the relatively low cost of the journey. If the number of passengers will be equal to the number of seats, you definitely will save money because train tickets or plane tickets cost more.

3.  Another one plus is mobility. You can visit supermarket, drugstore or other place and buy what you want at any moment. If you travel by train, this opportunity may hardly be possible. 

4. You can take an unlimited quantity of baggage and you don’t have to worry about excess of weight.

5. Car travels are very interesting and cheerful. Strangers will not disturb you and you can completely relax while communicating with friends.

6. The comparative advantage can be called the time-saving. Sometimes a road trip can be shorter than travelling by train.

Now here are the drawbacks
1. It’s not very comfortable and sometimes tiresome, especially for the driver, who has to spend hours driving the car and watching the road. It’s not easy. As for passengers, they have to stay in the same position for a long time. Besides, they don’t always have a chance to use the bathroom.

2. The car is an extremely complicated mechanism that has a great risk of destruction. And if a breakdown will happen on the road, you can’t get decent help. Due to this fact, you can waste a lot of time and efforts for the repair. 

3. Travelling by car always involves some risk. You can get into a car accident or fall victim to fraudsters and criminals. Travellers are a relatively easy prey for them. Besides, don’t forget about traffic police

4. And at last, it will be necessary to find a safe secured place. The best variant is supervised parking, but for tourists it may be very expensive.

If you plan to make a road trip with your girl whom you just happened to find on the Ukrainian dating site, take into account some important moments of preparing: 1. Prepare your car for the journey.  Your car is required to have a technical inspection. These measures can minimize the risk of distraction. Don’t try to diagnose breakdown yourself, leave it to professional. The only experienced repairman will be able to determine the invisible, but serious defects.  

2. Make a firm plan of the route. Take a map and lay in the course of your way. But it will be better to use the navigator, it’s more comfortable and secure.

3. Examine the peculiarities of a territory where you are going to go. It helps take all necessary and avoid unpleasant surprises.

4. Check the weather conditions and the forecast.

5. Next step is budget planning. Calculate all major and unforeseen expenses that may arise in the road: food and drinks, petrol, motel rooms etc.

6. Don’t forget about the estimation of time. Get to know, how long the road takes.

7. Create the list of things that must be taken.

If you don’t want to risk and to go to a long car journey, try to get out of the city for the weekend. The road trip to the country or to the neighbouring city, organized and planned, will give you an overview of this type of rest. It helps you make sure it’s a good enough for you. Be sure, if you are a real adventurer and liberty lover, all disadvantages of cat travel will not stop you. The advantages of travelling by car outweigh anything else for many people.

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