3 Tips to Selecting a Good Pillow

3 Tips to Selecting a Good Pillow

People spend almost a quarter of their lifetime sleeping. It is essential to most people because having enough sleep will give them a fruitful day. One important factor that you must consider in sleeping is finding the right pillow. In selecting a good pillow you cannot disregard even the minor details. One wrong choice will send you into a sleepless night or cause you headaches, neck or shoulder tensions and even sneezing and wheezing. Remember that there is no price for comfort. Choosing the right pillow will have a positive effect on your sleeping habits. If you are having a hard time sleeping, try replacing your pillow and you will realize the difference. You might be sleeping like a three-year-old again once you are resting your head on the best pillow in the world.

3 Tips to Selecting a Good Pillow
3 Tips to Selecting a Good Pillow

After you read these tips we have gathered, they will serve as a guide for you in your search for the best pillow.

1. Choose the right stuffing
Pillows have many types of fillings or stuffings. You have to consider these if you have allergies and to fully understand the comfort each stuffing provides. Some use synthetic fillings which is the most versatile stuffing used for pillows and it is also inexpensive. The only problem with this kind of stuffing is that it has a short lifespan and it can also lose its fluffiness due to excessive washing.

The cotton stuffing gives a breathable and cooler feel when used in a pillow. The only downside of this stuffing is that it clumps up overtime which leads to uneven or lumpy pillows. A feather stuffing is also a good alternative and is inexpensive. It has the same properties if compared to the expensive down stuffing, but it is not as lightweight and soft like the latter.

It also requires regular washing to keep its coolness and must be avoided by people with allergies because it might irritate them. Lastly, is the expensive and luxurious down stuffing. It is the best stuffing the pillow manufacturers have to offer. It is long-lasting and very soft compared to the other stuffing and it is also cool and airy.

The only downside is that it does not offer any kind of support on your neck and it can put a hole in your pocket due to the price. After choosing the right stuffing in your pillow then everything will be easy in your search for a perfect pillow.

2. Know the size of the pillow 
In order to maximize the comfort for your sleeping, choosing the size of the pillow matters. Most pillows are designed for a king or queen size bed but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a larger pillow for cuddling. Some people want larger pillows for hugging purposes so don’t feel guilty about the size you want. 

Just pick the right pillow that will fit your bed and won’t cause you trouble with space while you sleep. The size of the pillows only matters to the owner and his partner but it is worth noting to improve your goodnight’s rest.

3. Be aware of your special needs 

In today’s market, some pillows are built for special purposes. Such as people with allergies, they have choices on the market that are tailored to their specific needs to avoid irritation. 

Others use a pillow to support their necks when sleeping and you will be surprised to find that there are pillows specifically built for that. Whether it's allergies or snoring problems or muscle and neck tension, the pillow industry has come up with a solution which will satisfy your special needs.


  1. I agree with you. Pillows make a ton difference in the way we sleep. Also, I personally experienced having backpains and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders areas. This forced me to look for better pillows. :)


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