Replacing One Meal a Day By Juicing Will Result In Incredible Weight Loss

Replacing One Meal a Day By Juicing Will Result In Incredible Weight Loss

Did you know that juicing can help you lose weight effectively and fast? Losing weight is one of the most challenging endeavors when it comes to healthy living. Of course, with the right equipment, like the fancy workout clothes from and the proper weight training strategies - you can achieve incredible results in no time.

Replacing One Meal a Day By Juicing Will Result In Incredible Weight Los
Replacing One Meal a Day By Juicing Will Result In Incredible Weight Los

But today, our intention is to explore the significance of juicing when it comes to weight loss. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Juicing
According to health and nutritional experts, juicing, in moderation, is great. However, you should not be duped to believe that juicing alone, without solid foods, will make you stay healthy. In fact, depending on juices as your only source of nourishment can subject you to the risk of various health issues, including the loss of lean muscle mass.
Even so, there are several benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables: 

·         It’s an excellent way to intake your required servings of fruits and vegetables
·         Juicing is beneficial for individuals with chewing or swallowing problems
·    Fresh juices preserve higher amounts of the nutrients that are present in the whole fruits and vegetables.
·         Ideal for individuals who can only stand smaller-sized meals
·         Juices allow your stomach to rest. It does not have to work as hard to digest the juice.

While there are numerous other benefits of juicing, our main goal here is to explore its benefits in the weight loss process.

Replacing One Meal a Day By Juicing Will Result In Incredible Weight Loss
Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss
You can expect to shed off some pounds after undergoing one of the intensive juice fasts or juice cleanses. However, the results of these strategies are usually not permanent.

To achieve effective and long-term results, you need to have a proper, longstanding weight-loss plan. Such a plan involves consistently consuming fewer calories and reduced amounts of food. In fact, the most effective and sustainable strategy is to eat balanced meals and snacks from various nutritious foods, which should be combined with some accepted physical activity. 

While juicing for weight loss delivers some great health benefits, there are some drawbacks in undergoing a juice cleanse or juice fast for prolonged periods. The drawbacks include:

·         The loss of nutrients and fiber. This can undermine digestion and waste removal
·         Increased hunger and cravings; however this vanishes after a few days
·         Upset stomach, including gas, hyperacidity, and cramping
·        Oxalate nephropathy, acute kidney disorder occasioned by excessive 
consumption of oxalate-rich vegetable and fruit juice derived from juicing

Hence, when it comes to weight loss, juicing has both benefits and risks. In fact, you are advised against prolonged periods of juicing.

Is Juicing One Meal a Day Better Compared to a Juice Cleanse? 
We have already seen that juice cleanse, which people normally undergo for several weeks may have some side effects. However, juicing one meal a day won’t be as risky since it’s done in moderation. Here’s how you should go about juicing one meal every day:

·         If you normally take 3 meals per day, consider replacing one meal with juice
·    For two meals, you should juice either before the first meal or in-between the meals.


If you want to lose weight effectively and in a healthy way, avoid the intensive juice cleanse and juice fast methods. Instead, focus on juicing one meal a day as you will attain incredible and long lasting results.


  1. wow.. good tips.. another one good tips is every house must have 1 weight scales, can know the weight of days and try to lose weight if weight is over.. haha

  2. I would love to try this but sometimes I'm just not discipline enough.

  3. Is replacing a whole meal with juice is sufficient to be full. And is effective enough to cut weight. Instead of having only juice, cant we eat pills too with that?


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