Physical Party Playlists Music to Move Your Muscles

Physical Party Playlists Music to Move Your Muscles 

Smashing out a workout is one of the principle joys of a healthy lifestyle. Well, to many it may seem like an exaggeration that waking up at 5am to run for ten kilometers before work could ever be considered an enjoyable pastime, and to those not up to regular hard exercise, that is very likely the truth, but for the rest of us a good workout is the high-point of a normal day.

Physical Party Playlists Music to Move Your Muscles
Physical Party Playlists Music to Move Your Muscles 

Along with cardio, weights, and self defence, a workout needs one other key component- music. Music plays a larger role in motivation and continuation of an exercise regime than might seem possible, and yet the evidence is everywhere. To find a way to use music to your advantage in your next hardcore workout, read on.

Repetition Rejoice
Repetitive music mostly intended for clubs and dance floors is actually beneficial to working out, many people report. The heavy basslines and beats are good to help motivate you in the heat of the moment, and at the breaking-point before reaching your limit, a fast-approaching dance drop might be exactly what you need to push yourself through that extra rep.

Listening to dance music faster than you can move to could be detrimental, however, as it can make you feel like you aren’t working hard enough, which could lead to a lack of motivation. Set up a playlist of some real bangers and while you work out to it, take some mental notes about which songs really get you going.

BPM for Cardio
Cardio is a strange beast, as far as exercise goes. Some people swear by it, with some entire professions such as bicycle rider and marathon runner centered around the movement-based exercise group.

Cardio is the best for weight-loss and muscle toning, but less so for muscle growth, as it doesn’t use many heavy weights to promote strength. One of the things that gets people really going for some cardio is a good dance track with a fast beat. That constant beat throughout can cause you to synchronize your movements with it, pushing yourself to move faster without even realising it.

Simplicity Synchronicity
A simple song is a good song for a workout. Modern music can stretch across multiple time signatures with many different kinds of instruments, breakdowns, styles and even different feels. This is great for music in general, and it creates many new layers that the world of music can interact with and make music through, resulting in more complex and wonderful music for all.

However, unfortunately, this is not good at all for a song to work out to. A good workout song will be consistent in it’s time signature, it’s instruments and it’s style, not straying in any of these areas for more than a beat or two for difference. Complex, changing songs detract from your concentration, which is highly important when holding hundreds of kilograms above your body with your legs in a leg press, for instance.

Reliable Rhythm
Finally, the rhythm of a song is paramount when it comes to exercise, especially cardio. Slowing down, speeding up, and bouncing around isn’t really conducive with a consistency in workout speeds, and our bodies naturally want to follow the rhythm we are hearing, so ignoring that makes the music null and void. Better to carefully select our tracks and set them up in such a way that high intensity songs land at high-intensity times of workouts.

The summary of this is simply to say that music is crucial to your workout. Fast music, hard music, loud music, music that inspires you to push yourself harder. Workouts are wonderful things, and they become somehow even better when coupled with music that fits their intensity. 

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