Hair Vitamins That You Need to Invest In

Hair Vitamins That You Need to Invest In

I'm pretty sure we’ve grown envious of people who have thick and beautiful hair. On top of that looking at my crowning glory is thinning day by day that’s worry me a bit. You're probably wondering: How do they do it? One thing's for sure: It isn't the result of using any artificial hair products. The nutrients and vitamins you take in are the primary reason why your hair stays smooth and soft. Without that, your hair won't be able to stay strong.

Hair Vitamins That You Need to Invest In
Hair Vitamins That You Need to Invest In

Are you wondering about the types of vitamins you should invest in? Then read on as I list down the best hair vitamins that will keep your hair growing smooth and natural.

Why Should You Consume Hair Vitamins?
So, what's the real secret to getting great hair? Many people use effective hair products such as a hair dryer for good styling, and to match it with a hair routine with natural ingredients, such as coconut oil or honey. But it isn't all about the products you use, but the vitamins consumed as well.

Just like how organs function, our hair needs the adequate amount of nutrients to maintain its color and silkiness. Without the appropriate amount of vitamins, not only will our body cease to function properly, but our hair and skin end up looking old and dry as well.

Hair Vitamins That You Need to Invest In
The best hair vitamins

The Best Hair Vitamins
Here are five of the best hair vitamins you should invest in, may it be in the form of supplements or food:

1. Vitamin A
Besides using a hair diffuser, Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins known to help keep your hair growing smoothly through healthy cell development. It prevents the frizz and dryness most people with curly hair suffer from. The vitamin prevents your growing hair strands from drying out. You can find vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. It's found in carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, or spinach.

2. Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps your immune system, but it can also improve your overall hair health through the aid of collagen. It improves your hair's strength. If you are deficient in vitamin C, then you'll end up getting split ends or even more hair loss. You can find vitamin C in any citrus fruits, such as oranges. Another source of vitamin C would be from strawberries, pineapples, or broccoli.

3. Vitamin D
Vitamin D comes from the sun, but you also get it from tuna and eggs. It's detrimental to healthy follicle growth which can improve your hair growth. Stay under the sun for ten minutes at a time and don't overdo your hair's exposure under heat.

4. Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant, protecting your cells against any form of damage from free radicals. It's beneficial for repairing skin tissue and your damaged hair. This vitamin is also crucial for keeping your hair growing healthily. You can get vitamin E through consuming green leafy vegetables or fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna.

5. Biotin
Biotin is a B Vitamin known for helping hair grow faster and healthier. It also helps improve on your hair's keratin, which helps its overall texture and beauty as well. While you can get Biotin through hair products, you can also find it in foods such as lentils, raspberries, or even walnuts and dark leafy greens.

6. Protein
Not only is protein beneficial for the muscles, but for our hair as well. Did you know that hair is made out of protein? If you maintain the correct consumption of this macronutrient, you'll achieve strong and soft hair. It also prevents hair loss. An excellent source of protein will be from lean meat, or through tofu and beans for vegetarians. You can get a pump of protein with whey and protein bars as well.

7. Iron
Another essential mineral, iron helps keep your body function properly while distributing oxygen to your hair to keep it smooth and well-moisturized. You can find iron in plant foods such as spinach, sesame seeds, seaweed, or other leafy greens.

Hair Vitamins That You Need to Invest In
How to achieve luscious hair 

When it comes to keeping your hair looking fabulous, then you'll need to make sure that you take in the proper vitamins and nutrients to allow your hair to shine naturally and without the chemically-induced products that ruin your hair in the long run. 

I hope that this sharing about hair vitamins helped you become more informed on the different types of supplements and food you should invest in for you to achieve luscious hair for years to come. Invest in the best with these hair vitamins today and fix your meal plan for the better. You are what you eat. 


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