UNIQLO INES DE LA FRESSANGE 2023 Fall Winter Collection

Timeless, Tradition Inspired Styles UNIQLO / INES DE LA FRESSANGE 2023 Fall Winter collection will be availabe starting from Friday, August 25. This LifeWear range celebrates the effortless Parisian style of Ines de la Fressange, a symbol of French chic and a style icon for women around the world. The collection reflects Ines’ ongoing commitment to providing timeless and beloved wardrobe essentials that all women can wear with comfort to reveal their beauty.

UNIQLO INES DE LA FRESSANGE 2023 Fall Winter Collection 

The spirit of “something inherited and passed on to the future" flows through this collection. It encompasses Ines' desire for people to wear simple, tough, and elegant attire that will last and transmit essential and authentic values. Items such as warm pointelle knits and volume sleeve blouses are typical examples. The traditional shirt has stitching in a hand-finished style that gives it an authentic feel. Also appearing in this collection are authentic style sheer shirts and velvet long skirts with modern updates, as well as form-fitting 3D knits and padded shirt jacket.

UNIQLO INES DE LA FRESSANGE 2023 Fall Winter Collection 

Workwear as the essence of fashion

For the 2023 Fall/Winter collection, Ines returns to the roots that first established her style. Workwear, which was in everyday use in France at the beginning of the 20th century, had a practical function that gave the garments a clean, minimalist style, which so appealed to Ines and explains why it is such an integral part of her wardrobe. 

She appreciates clothes made of natural materials such as cotton and wool, and that have a durability that allows them to be worn every day. Denim, which is said to have originated in the Nîmes region of southern France, is a crucial material. Along with jeans, it is expressed through dresses, jackets, and shirts. Knitwear items have a color palette of orange and red that evokes a sense of nature.

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