4 Ways to Ensure You Are Working with a Trustworthy Tradesman

From plumbing and boiler inspections to home renovations and landscape gardening, every homeowner wants to be safe and secure in the knowledge that they are working with a reputable and renowned professional. 

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So, before you make an appointment, or ask for a quote on the phone, check out these four key ways to ensure you work with a trustworthy tradesman. 

1. Ask for a Detailed Quote Beforehand 

Never let embarrassment, or a particularly forthright and confident tradesman, push you into accepting a quote that you are either not entirely sure is reasonable, or else seems too small and must come with ‘small print’.

Instead, ask at least three different professionals to assess the situation and provide you with a detailed quote, broken down into sections explaining what, exactly, is to be done and how much it will cost. 

Even if you are strapped for time or are more than happy that the first quote you receive fits neatly into your budget, comparing quotes with at least two other companies is still strongly advisable to ensure you are getting the best deal. 

2. Read Past Customer Reviews 

Word-of-mouth is by far the most reliable and multi-beneficial way of ensuring the professional you invite into your home is reputable and prestigious, so you should also spend time checking out their online reviews

The indisputable, for now at least, ‘king’ of tradesman review sites has to be Google, which will provide you with a more accurate and unbiased overall view of the caliber of the company you are interested in. 

Renowned and established professional plumbers in your local area will be more than willing to readily share with you their customer reviews, both from a residential and a commercial perspective. 

3. Ask Potential Tradesman Key Questions

Once you are virtually decided on a good tradesperson, make sure you have covered each item within the following checklist of key questions to ask, should you have already conducted research and have not found the answers:

Do you have comprehensive insurance?

Have you any images of completed previous projects? (where appropriate)

Have you any form of customer satisfaction work guarantee?

Is this a project you are familiar with and have been asked to do before?

Have you any references from previously satisfied customers?

Do you have a well-thought-out time estimate for completion?

How long have you been working as a professional?

4. Make Sure You See Their License

Another important aspect of ensuring your plumber, builder, or electrician is ‘a good ’un’, is to make sure that, at any point before you sign on the dotted line, you see their license

Naturally, different tradespeople hold separate licenses depending on their specific line of work. However, viewing their license and ensuring everything checks out will go a long way to securing that the right person is qualified for the job. 

Additionally, you should also remember that a tradesman’s license carries more weight than their academic and practical qualifications.

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