Housekeeping Tips for the Rainy Season

Improper home management and poor housekeeping can wreak havoc on your home during the rainy season. Everything from your house door to the furniture inside your home can get damaged and this can cost you hundreds - even thousands of dollars. Worst case scenario, your house might even get flooded!

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If you take the necessary precautions beforehand you can keep your house intact and your wallet full.

Let us take a look at some important housekeeping tips for the rainy season.

Protect The Doors & Windows

Even if your doors and windows are manufactured to be completely ‘waterproof’ that is never really the case.

Water can get in through gaps especially if there is insufficient sealant or the caulking isn’t done properly.

Wooden doors are also very prone to rainwater damage because of their absorbing and warping tendencies.

Make sure your wooden doors have protective coatings like varnish and lacquer. 

Installing a storm door will give your main door extra protection during heavy monsoons if you’re going to be away in that season. Apart from protection, you can also customize it and use it as a style element for your home.

For windows, install exterior protection films, plywood or storm shutters.

Pay careful attention to the window hinges. If they are corroded or weak, have them replaced immediately.

Furniture Safety

If you have outdoor furniture, they are at risk of being damaged due to moisture from the heavy rains.

Take steps to waterproof your furniture by oiling or sealing it with materials like polyurethane and lacquer. Applying several coats will help in establishing a stronger waterproofed coating so don’t get lazy with applying your sealant!

Position your furniture differently. Place them in areas which are least prone to water seeping in.

Clean The Gutters

Maintaining the gutters is crucial to direct the flow of water away from the roof.

Damage gutters or the ones with accumulated debris can be hazardous and even make your home prone to flooding. Just before forecasted heavy rains, have the gutter system thoroughly inspected by a professional and have it repaired or replaced if necessary.

If you need to install new gutters make sure you hire a reputed Gutter Installation service that is trusted and has years of experience.


It is very important to keep your home interiors well-ventilated during the rainy season.

This will help prevent problems like fungus growth on the walls, insect infestation, and short-circuits and safeguard your furniture.

There are a few ways you can ensure ample ventilation,

  • Make sure there are exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms, to prevent moisture overload. 
  • Carpets must be away from moisture-prone areas or they will become prone to the growth of mold.
  • Purchase a dehumidifier. It is an easy way to prevent moisture accumulation in the air. It is also beneficial for people who have allergies triggered by environmental allergens. If you live in an area that receives rain all the time, a dehumidifier is definitely worth the investment.
  • Don’t leave wet things lying around the house. This includes clothes and dishes. Try keeping your surroundings as dry as possible.

Check For Leaks Inside Your Home

Many people ignore small leaks in their homes thinking they might go away after some time.

Small leaks can lead to bigger ones and threaten the safety of your entire home.

Make sure you inspect all areas of your house for leaks. It doesn’t hurt to have a professional inspection done especially during the monsoon season.

Safeguard Electrical Appliances

During times of heavy rain and thunder, try and keep all your electrical appliances unplugged.

Dry them with a cloth and keep them clean. 

Have the electrician perform an inspection to check whether all the appliances are well grounded.

If you notice any unusual functioning or suspect any damage have the appliance checked immediately.


Don’t opt out of professional inspections and repairs for areas like the roof and gutter to save money.

Water damage will cost you a lot more than precautionary inspections so take due care and make timely repairs.

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