Maximizing Space: Creative Solutions for Small Bathrooms

With housing prices rising in America, the average home costs around $410,200 . These high costs make it difficult to invest in larger homes, let alone more oversized bathrooms. Though you may consider living in cities with lower housing prices, like Tucson, with an average home value of $322,467 , you may still need extra space. 

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Considering 1 in 4  Americans outgrow their living area in two years, small spaces like your bathroom are the first to suffer from clutter. However, you don't need bathroom extensions to create more room. Instead, try out the following tips to maximize your space. 

Bathtub replacement 

Bathtubs occupy the most space in your bathroom, especially ill-fitted jobs done by rookie contractors that make your tubs extremely uncomfortable to bathe in. Some types of tubs, like freestanding tubs, require more space than others, and you should replace them with variations that can fit in your small bathroom. However, since most undersized washrooms are around 36 to 40  square feet, accommodating a bathtub with a standard size of 13 square feet can be challenging.

For a perfectly fitted bathtub, you should contact professional remodeling companies to measure and create a custom bathtub that's just the right size for your bathroom. Though these services can be as expensive as $5,600, the price may vary according to your area. Suppose you live in Tuscan, where home prices are declining by 10.2 %. Even though this city is in Arizona, which is relatively expensive, with 20% higher housing cost than the national average, the dropping prices can make remodeling projects more affordable in Tuscan. 

A lower market value for houses means that prices of materials will drop, which can make hiring contractors for a remodeling job more affordable. To get the best prices, you can search for local Tucson bathtub replacement services for an accurate quote that best fits your budget. However, remember to consider trustworthy companies with BBB accreditation, like Home Concepts Custom Remodeling, to ensure quality work and avoid awkward fits. These professionals can equip your bathroom with bathtubs that will fit perfectly, like built-in or alcove tubs. 

Basket shelves 

Consider attaching baskets to your bathroom walls to utilize wall space and clear the floor. Instead of installing hooks and rods that only hold one towel, use these basket shelves to hold multiple items. You can mount two or three baskets on the wall and roll up towels in them or store toilet paper. They are also a stylish way to hold essential skincare items like body lotion, facewash, and scrubs. 

These baskets ensure the neat organization of items that clutter your sink space. Clearing them away makes your bathroom look more spacious because fewer things are in your way. You can easily install them by hammering a nail into the wall where you want to set up your baskets. Next, hand a second nail to create a space to hook the basket onto the wall. Then, hang the basket onto the nails and secure it with wire or drywall anchors. Consider choosing mesh-style locker or wicker baskets, as they are the easiest to install.

Large mirrors

Adding a large mirror to a small space can create the optical illusion of showing more room than there actually is by reflecting light. Though mirrors don't physically create space, they add depth and light to your room. An oversized mirror above a vanity can make your bathroom look lighter and roomier. Ideally, it would help if you placed it in a location that gets the maximum light. Usually, it is opposite to the bathroom window. 

However, just because a large mirror can expand your space doesn't mean it can't be too big. Remember that your mirror should be the same size as your vanity and at least 30 inches tall. A mirror larger than your vanity will look overcrowded and ill-fitting. It would help if you also kept them at an average height, around 5ft, to ensure functionality.

Light-colored tiles

Light-colored tiles like white or beige reflect more light compared to darker colors that absorb it. If you have a small bathroom, you should avoid colors like brown or black that create the illusion of a smaller space. Try to choose plain tiles and avoid heavily patterned tiles that make a room look busy. These tiles add to visual clutter and create a lack of negative space, making your small bathroom look more crowded. 

Corner shelving 

Utilizing space means taking advantage of every inch of your bathroom, including the corners. The corners of your room can sometimes look awkward and empty, so it would be best to fill them with corner shelves. These are great for storing toilet paper, towels, and shampoo bottles. They are relatively out of sight and provide extra storage without taking up much floor space. 

Besides storing items, you can use corner shelves to add decorative items to your bathroom. You can add plants or scented candles to give your bathroom a touch of luxury. These shelves come in various modern designs. However, consider choosing glass corner shelves because they are see-through, allow light to pass through, and don't create dark spaces. These qualities make it the best option for smaller bathrooms because glass corner shelving provides extra storage without diminishing space.

Built-in wall shelves 

Built-in-wall shelves can give you more space by utilizing vertical storage. They extend from the floor to the ceiling, giving you adequate room to store your belongings. These are great for small bathrooms because of their sleek and minimalistic appearance. They are integrated into the surface of your wall and don't have protruding features that take up space. 

You can customize them by choosing the material, color, and design. However, the most crucial decision is its dimensions. Selecting your built-in wall's length, breadth, and width determines its purpose. Whether you want to use it to hold decorative items or shampoo bottles, each function has a different size.


You don't need to expand your bathroom to create more space physically. Instead, you can use clever techniques to maximize your space. The trick is to work with what you have rather than creating something else entirely. Save yourself from costly remodels and use creative solutions to make your dream bathroom.

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