Step-by-Step Process: How Classic Eyelash Extensions Are Applied

Getting eyelash extensions for the first time? Here’s the step-by-step of how the lash magic happens. I’ll walk ya through what to expect during a typical classic lash extension application, from cleaning your natural lashes to revealing your new bombshell gaze! Let’s discover elegance with classic eyelash extensions.

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Prep Time

First off, make sure you arrive with zero makeup, oils or creams on your eyes. Going make-up free allows the adhesive to stick properly to your real lashes. Don’t worry, you can do your makeup after! I learned this the hard way when half my extensions kept falling off...not cute.

Okay, you’re in the treatment chair with bare eyes. Now the lash artist gently brushes your natural lashes to remove any debris and prep for adhesive. The brushing feels relaxing, like a little lash massage! Then they’ll use medical-grade adhesive to coat your upper lash line, avoiding the lower lashes. 

Picking the Perfect Extensions

Next, the lash picker begins selecting extensions. These are tiny synthetic lashes of various curls, lengths and thicknesses. Your artist custom chooses each extension to complement your natural lash shape and desired look. Whether you want subtle and natural or va-va-voom volume, they’ve got you covered!

Now the tricky part: adhering the extensions to your individual natural lashes. This takes focus, a steady hand, and lots of precision. Using micro-tweezers, the stylist expertly grasps a single extension and positions it against your natural lash root, pressing to adhere it. I always jolt a bit when they first stick one on - it’s a weird (but not painful) sensation!

Attaching Extensions Lash By Lash

Slowly, lash by lash, the stylist works across your eye, gluing extensions in place for a seamless application. They might chat with you during the process or work in comfortable silence - up to you. Sometimes they’ll have you look down to access the hard-to-reach lashes along your upper line.  

Pro tip: Try not to nod, bob your head or look around too much. Keeping still helps the stylist adhere the itty bitty extensions properly. I know, sitting motionless for an hour or more sounds rough. But the end result will be so worth it!

Shaping and Curling

After the upper lash adhesion, they’ll probably trim the outer edge extensions to blend with your natural shape. No spidery, fake-looking lashes here! Then it’s time for curling. Your stylist will gently crimp and set the extensions to open your eyes. This was my fave part - seeing my eyes open wider with each curl. 

Almost done! Next, the artist applies a final layer of adhesive along the lash line to reinforce the extensions. This helps seal the extensions for longevity. After some precise separation and shaping, voila - you have new gorgeous falsies!

Finishing Touches

Looking ahead and keeping eyes wide, don’t be shy about giving feedback on length or volume. Your stylist wants you to love your new lashes! Before you leave, they’ll go over proper aftercare for keeping extensions looking fab. 

And remember: no touching, picking, rubbing or getting extensions wet for at least 24 hours after application! Let the adhesive fully cure first. I broke this rule and lost a few extensions on day one. Patience pays off.

Remove eye makeup very gently - no oil-based removers! And brush morning and night to keep lashes neat. Schedule fills every 2-3 weeks to maintain your bombshell look month after month.  

That’s the basic process of getting lash extensions from start to finish! Yes the application takes time, a light touch, and sitting very still. But the transformative results are so worth it. I walk out feeling like I have permanent falsies custom made just for my eyes!

Now that you know what to expect, go get those eye-opening extensions, girl. Come out looking like you have naturally gorgeous lashes every day - no daily mascara or curling required. You’re gonna be batting those new lashes all the way to happy hour!

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