9 Separation Mistakes That Can Have Grave Financial Repercussions

There are decisions during the divorce proceedings that will cost you a lot of money. These are all mental mistakes, and can easily be avoided by keeping a cool head. Before take action, think about the effect it will have on your divorce.

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1. Googling

Divorce and separation is not a good time to search for DIY websites. Going the DIY route with a divorce can and will cost you everything of value. This is a life changing decision that can’t be summarized with pretty bullet points or a quirky video.

2. Text Messages

Text messages can’t be unsent. Before you put something in writing, make sure that the contents won’t come back at a later date. Inform your lawyer of any texts that could interrupt future divorce agreements.

3. Drunk Dialing

Drunk dialing has been the downfall of many spouses that lost their cool for only a few seconds. The message you leave on an answering service is valid whether or not you’re in full control of your faculties. If you have a history of alcohol abuse, then it becomes incredibly hard to defend the behavior in court.

4. Threats

The quickest way to lose everything in a divorce is to make a threat. A counter threat is just as bad, so don’t get in the mud with a mentally abusive spouse. One slip-up could be all the ammunition they need to ruin you in court.

5. Blackmail

There is no saving a spouse that has resorted to blackmail. This is a desperation tactic that never pays off if there is evidence to back up the claim. On top of being morally wrong, there is also a criminal element to consider when blackmail is involved.

6. Committing A Crime

When going through a divorce, your character will be called into question. You don’t want to make a judge second guess things by committing a crime. This becomes a dilemma when the spouse arguing for specific assets during a divorce is currently awaiting trial for a crime they committed.

7. Hiding Money

Everyone thinks they have a genius plan when it comes to hiding money during a divorce. For every success, there are a million failures. If you get caught hiding money, then the financial advantage of the divorce will instantly shift in the other direction.

8. Making Emotional Decisions

Strategy needs to be discussed during divorce proceedings. Things may get tense, and in these moments, so it is important to keep your head. Acting on emotions will lead to mistakes that cost you money, assets and a lot of time.

9. Being Generous

During a divorce, there is a very real chance you’ll want to ‘be nice’ to the other side. There is a difference between being cordial and being generous. The former will get you what’s deserved, while the latter will take everything you want and give it to the other side.

Be Careful

No matter what you get in the settlement, a divorce will always be lifechanging. By being smart, those changes will be in your favor. Stay patient, and let the professionals handle the hard work. 

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