7 Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Next Wig

Whatever your reason for choosing to wear a wig, it is really important that you select one that fits all of your requirements and will allow you to feel as comfortable and natural as possible.

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Wigs come in all shapes and sizes. If you want one with long layered hair that makes it easy to add volume, for instance, you will be able to buy one that fits the bill. 

With that in mind, you might be wondering what sort of things you should look out for when shopping for your next wig. Here are some key considerations. 

Which fiber is best? 

A good starting point when choosing your wig is to decide whether to get a wig that is made from synthetic or human hair. 

Your decision may well be based on budget as well as aesthetics. It should be noted that both options have pros and cons to think about. 

Synthetic wigs can be made from traditional or heat-resistant fibers. 

Traditional fibers are a good option if you are a cost-conscious buyer. They will keep their color and shape after washing. However, if you want to style your wig with heating you should choose a wig made from heat-resistant fibers. 

Human hair wigs are probably the most realistic solution as they have the texture and movement of natural hair. You should remember that these wigs require more maintenance and will be more costly to buy. 

It’s a good idea to learn about cap options 

The quality and performance of the cap will be influenced by the option you choose. 

You can get a lace front, or a 100% Hand-Tied cap, for instance. You also have the option of a basic or traditional cap, single or double monofilament, or even an open wefted back.

 It can be very confusing to pick the right cap. The best approach is to talk to your supplier and let them guide you on the right cap that fits your needs and is most compatible with your choice of wig. 

Cap sizes vary 

Another key point to consider is that cap sizes vary according to wig styles. 

Many wig users find that their head measurements are within an average size range. This should make it easier to order a cap that is a great fit.

Measuring your head takes three steps. You need to measure your head’s circumference, take an ear-to-ear measurement, and a front-to-back measurement. 

What sort of style or length wig should I choose?

It can be a bit confusing and daunting trying to find the right wig the first time you buy one. A good tip would be to pick a style and length that closely resembles your own. 

If you have long hair that is thinning. It makes sense to pick a long style that restores your look and length in an instant. 

Picking a color 

Most brands of wigs are available in a good selection of colors. Talk to your supplier about matching your color preference. 

Understanding color codes 

You will quickly discover that wig makers use a standardized color chart. It is simple to understand once you know how the codes work. 

For example, brown hair wigs might be offered in shades of between 4 and 12. This indicates the darkness of the brown. If you're exploring blonde wigs, you can discuss a range of shades with your supplier to find the perfect match for your preference.

Think about your skin tone 

Last, but not least, it is a good idea to stick to your natural hair color when buying your first wig. This will help acclimatize you to the concept of wearing a wig and won’t feel so different when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time. 

If you follow these key steps to choosing a wig and get guidance from your wig supplier you should be able to get the wig you want and be completely happy about the way it makes you look and feel.

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