Srishti Oasis Review

Finding the correct area to reside in is essential to ensure a seamless transition and a pleasant living environment for everyone when relocating due to a parent's work move. Choosing a place to live that provides a safe environment, a friendly community, and easy access to basic services and conveniences like schools, hospitals, and grocery stores is crucial. Furthermore, our house search places a high value on convenience. My father is the main provider for our family, so we need to locate a home within a decent commute to his place of employment. This will allow him to spend more time at home with his loved ones and less on the road, striking a better balance between his professional and personal life. While looking for a new place to call home, we came across Srishti Oasis, a residential complex that seemed to meet our needs. 

We learned about Srishti Oasis through the internet and recommendations from friends. We discovered this project after scouring several real estate websites, property ads, and internet discussion groups in search of development with desirable qualities. To learn more about the resort, we dug further into internet resources, including the Srishti Oasis website, social media, and review sites. The official website gave us a deeper grasp of the project by providing information about its features, floor layouts, and facilities. Images of the home were also included on the website, showcasing the stylish interiors and several community amenities.

In addition, we asked our friends, coworkers, and acquaintances who had used or heard about Srishti Oasis for their suggestions and opinions. The quality of the building, the convenience of the facilities, and the general contentment of the tenants were all praised in one such talk. Invigorated by the glowing testimonials and wealth of online data, we set out to see Srishti Oasis. The sales team can answer any lingering questions we have while we are there, and we can get a better feel for the property and the surrounding area. 

Srishti Oasis Price and Amenities That I Adore

One of the numerous selling points of the property is its prime location. Invest in a high-end condo in Srishti Oasis and enjoy enticing features such as Sun-Deck Homes. It also provides parking, security, a landscape garden, a swimming pool, a children's play area, an indoor game room, a security guard, an outdoor gaming area, a yoga zone, and a clubhouse. These apartments can be found in a price range of 88 Lacs to 1.83 Crores. 

3 Reasons to Buy Property at Srishti Oasis 

1. Location Advantages

You'll rapidly realise this is the best spot in the world to settle down. The property's convenient location allows for the following conveniences to be at your disposal:

It's just a kilometre from the Sonapur Metro.

The nearest train stations are Bhandup (located 3.4 kilometres away), Nahur (located 2 kilometres away), and Mulund (located 3.2 kilometres away).

Distance from Domestic Airport: 20.9 kilometres; Distance from International Airport: 18.0 kilometre

2. Impressive Amenities 

Srishti Oasis is the place to go if you want a life of luxury. Today's customers were considered while making the Srishti Oasis lifestyle choices. 

Both private residences and public buildings are subject to these regulations. By helping the local community, they improve living conditions. The property has environmental treatment plants and rainwater collecting systems, providing residents with a clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly place to raise their families and make memories.

3. Reputed builder

Srishti Group has withstood the test of time in the infrastructure development industry because of their incomparable expertise. The company aims to provide excellent customer service so they feel like part of a family rather than simply another number. They have weathered the periodic harsh and savage upheavals of the Real Estate market with ease, all while welcoming quality, standard, and cutting-edge technological advancements.

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