Read This Before You Go to Norway

Norway is famous for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking natural areas. If you are planning to visit this exciting country, be sure to check some information before deciding on purchasing your tickets. 

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You Can Get By Only Knowing English

Although Norwegian is the official language in Norway, most of its citizens speak and understand English. It’s especially true in tourist destinations and urban areas. That means you shouldn’t have any problem with communicating. 

However, if you want to impress the locals or are planning to travel to very remote areas, Norwegian learning apps are a great tool to learn some basics quickly. 

Remember About the Different Currency 

Even though Norway is in Europe, it doesn’t use the euro as a currency. This is why you should remember to exchange some of your money for Norwegian Krone. What’s important is that Norway is on its way to becoming a cashless country. Because of that, you can pay for almost anything with your credit or debit card, even for a taxi! So if you forget to exchange your cash, it’s not the end of the world. Consider possible charges and exchange fees from your bank. You might want to bring a currency card with you, such as Revolut. 

Norway Can Be Very Expensive 

Since we are speaking about money, let’s remind you that Norway is a very expensive destination. Prices of accommodation, transportation, activities, and food, especially while eating out, are much higher compared to many other countries. This is why you should plan your budget beforehand.

To avoid an unpleasant financial situation, try to book as many things as possible in advance to know how you are doing with your budget. As prices for private healthcare in Norway are very high, it’s a good idea to get extensive health insurance before going to this country. 

Norwegian Public Transport Is Pretty Good

Trains, buses, and ferries connect many places in Norway. That means you can rely heavily on public transport while visiting this country. Trains are the most common mode of transportation between major cities. If you want to access more remote areas, choose the bus. To reduce costs of transportation, consider purchasing a Norway Rail Pass or picking regional travel passes.

High Respect for Nature 

Norway has amazing nature, with breathtaking landscapes, interesting wildlife, and many outdoor areas which people can enjoy. Norwegians have a deep respect for nature. That’s one of the many reasons why you should behave accordingly to leave no traces. Respect wildlife, protect vegetation, and check for any specific guidelines or regulations on hiking trails, national parks, or other natural areas. 

All public lands are free to use, which means you can enjoy the beauty of national parks for free. That’s great news, considering the prices of other things!

Take Enough Clothes 

Although Norway has quite cold weather, during summer, it can get warm, just to get cold again after seconds. This is why you should bring enough clothes with you. While packing, think about layers: you want to have an extra jacket in summer when it gets cold all of a sudden, but also need some lighter shirts in the winter, when you decide to sit in a warm cafe or visit a museum. 

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