Glamping for Beginners: How to do Luxury Camping!

Is camping not really your thing, but do you sometimes want something different than an apartment or hotel? Then a vacation in a Crossover Lodge can be a great alternative. Staying at a campsite has so many advantages, and you'll experience a holiday in a completely different way. With our glamping for beginners tips, you'll surely have the time of your life!

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#1 Glamping is reasonably sustainable

Most camping areas are green, meaning there are lots of trees and bushes. Tents are not pitched on concrete, so there's ample space on campsites for rainwater to seep into the ground. Camping spots generally have a smaller carbon footprint than a hotel resort. Of course, the level of sustainability also depends on your mode of transportation. Instead of flying to your destination, consider coming by bike, public transport, or (electric) car to your safari tent. The heavier your car is loaded, the higher the CO2 emissions during your trip. By booking a ready-to-use lodge, you also avoid that problem.

#2 You spend more time outdoors

Another advantage of camping is that you spend more time outside when you stay in a tent. Simply because a glamping tent doesn't have all the comforts of home (although it's not far off), so you seek entertainment elsewhere. The fresh air and the extra vitamin D production make a glamping vacation a very healthy one!

#3 You easily make connections

Because you spend more time outside the tent, you're also more among people. Especially at campsites, even with bad weather, people prefer to sit under the awning rather than in the tent or holiday home. Camping allows you to make connections more easily. Children often make new friends within the first 5 minutes, and it's common for parents to also interact more frequently. If you enjoy meeting new people, then the campsite is the perfect place for you!

#4 Plenty of freedom

At a campsite, there's often plenty to do, but you're not tied down to anything. For example, you don't have to worry about fixed times for a breakfast buffet like in a hotel. And instead of exercising in a cramped gym, you can do your workout routine in the open air here! Most campsites are located near beautiful natural areas, such as a wooded area or close to the coast. Bring your bikes to explore the surroundings. Or check if you can rent bikes at the campsite.

#5 More togetherness

While a crossover lodge is much more spacious than a dome tent,  it's still not big enough to avoid constantly running into each other. You do a lot more together on glamping vacations. You play games, have a cozy barbecue together, and even washing dishes becomes a shared event. Have you tried it before?

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