3 Careers You Can Start with a Home Studio

Did you know that with just a bit of investment into some home studio recording equipment, you can start a lucrative career with just a bit of perseverance? From audio engineering to voice over artistry and recording music, this post will take you through 3 great career options that you can explore with merely a home studio. 

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Audio engineer

Audio engineers, the magicians behind the scenes, are responsible for all sorts of audio-related tasks, from mixing and mastering audio, to sound design and jingle creation. 

With just a little experience in working with audio editing software, virtually anyone can become an audio engineer, opening themselves up to a world of opportunities. These include working alongside artists, creating instrumentals and hit songs, to creating advert music or sound effects for virtually any use imaginable. 

Audio engineers typically get paid per hour, but can also demand rates per project, and depending on who they’re working with, can range from an average salary of 30k a year, to 5-6 figures annually. 

Voice over

Voice overs can make a very lucrative career starting from home, with merely a mic and recording software. The only thing you need is the intention, the initial few projects to build a portfolio, and an agency to help get you on your feet. 

Once you get into the game, you can explore the world of voice over and the different types of projects therein, from commercial projects to audiobook narration and animation and video game voice overs for the more experienced of voice artists. 

Recording a voice over project just requires a good quality microphone, soundproofed room, a quality laptop and production software, ergo: a studio set up with a mic. Once you start, it’s all about building the portfolio. 

Recording artist

If you’ve got a great singing voice you can start a career as a recording artist. Now, with this you can go a few ways. 

You can start out by offering your services for commercial purposes, such as radio and ad jingles, or you can take the long route and be more original with it, working as an artist for yourself. 

Working as an original recording artist can be very lucrative if you manage to get the traction required for the streams to really pay off, but this takes a lot of time and effort. Spotify pays on average $3000 per million streams, so for that you’d need 300,000 monthly listeners streaming 3 songs a month to make that amount monthly. 

It’s definitely possible, and worth it, but not an easy feat. 

What do I need for a home studio?

For a basic home studio setup, all you need is a laptop or PC with good RAM and processing potential, a decent microphone, a soundproofing solution (studio pads and sound absorbers), an audio interface and software like Logic or Ableton. 

This will be an overall investment of $1500 to $2500 depending on the quality of equipment, but you can start out at the lower bound and upgrade later if budget is initially a concern for you. 

We hope you enjoyed this post on the potential career paths for those with a home studio. A home-based recording studio can be a powerful tool for those looking to excel in an alternative career path, where there’s more creativity involved rather than corporate, ”traditional” everyday tasks you may be used to. 

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