What Shall I do Before Getting Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment?

So finally, you have decided to take the help of semi-permanent makeup to look flawless and glow naturally. So now the question comes to mind: what shall I do before getting semi-permanent makeup treatment? What to do or what not to do before the procedure?

What Shall I do Before Getting Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment?
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No need to get worried. Our article today provides details about how to get ready for semi permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. So without further delay, let's begin. 

What to do before semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows? 

If you are going to get treatment for the eyebrows, here are the guidelines you should follow before treatment. 

Before one week or at least three days of treatment, do not wax, tweeze or thread your eyebrows. 

Do not go for IPL laser removal 14 days before the treatment. 

Before the procedure, do not use any dye or tinting in the eyebrows area. 

Do not go for any Botox treatment 2 weeks before the treatment. 

Do not apply chemical peel products around the eyebrow area before one month of treatment. 

Avoid using anti-ageing anti-acne cream around the eyebrows area about 4 days before the treatment. 

Do not use vitamin e, fish oil, aspirin, or ibuprofen before three to 4 days of treatment. 

Do not apply makeup to the brow area before the consultation. 

What to do before semi permanent makeup for eyeliner?

If you are going for semi permanent makeup for eyeliner, make sure to follow the below guidelines. 

Do not go for an eyeliner perming or fighting method 2 weeks before the treatment. 

Stop applying oil and eyelash growth products on the eyelashes before 3 to 4 weeks of treatment.

If you use fake eyelashes, remove them at least one week before the treatment. 

Do not wear contact lenses during and right after the treatment. 

Do not use any medication containing aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin e and fish oil one week before the treatment. 

What to do before semi permanent makeup for lips?

The lips are another sensitive area of the body. For good results, make sure to follow the below guidelines.

Do not go for lip botox treatment before the treatment. 

Avoid electrolysis treatment at least two weeks before the treatment. 

Do not go for a dermal filler procedure before the treatment. 

Do not use waxing and tinting around the lips before the treatment. 

IPL laser should not be done before two weeks of the procedure. 

If you have a history of herpes simplex virus, use anti-herpes medication one week before and after the treatment. Lip tattooing does not cause cold sores infection, but if someone has a past history, the infection can be aroused during the treatment. So make sure to take medicine before lip tattooing as it will reduce the chance of infection. 

Medical concerns before semi permanent makeup 

Before the treatment, make sure you have no serious medical history. Medical history is always important in any small or big surgical treatment. Here's the list of diseases that cause a person to misfit for semi permanent makeup. 




Diabetes type 1


Hepatitis B and C


Activa vitiligo 

Keloid formation 

Mental disorder

Active skin disorders 

History of MRSA


Sickle cell hemophilia 


Chronic hyperpigmentation or acne

Sunburned skin

Preparation on the day of the permanent makeup procedure 

Right before the treatment, follow the below guidelines.

Do not wear any makeup on your face. 

Do not apply any medical ointment one night before the procedure. 

Do not wear alcohol and caffeine 48 hours before the treatment. 

Do not take painkillers or medication on the day of the procedure. 

Apply moisturizer if you have normal skin. Skip it if you have oily skin. 

Make sure your face has no dust, grime or oil before starting the process. 

Try to take a picture of your favorite eyebrow look or lip shade you want on your lips. Images will demonstrate what exactly you want as results. 

Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. 

Schedule a consultation:

At brow Queen LA there will be a consultation appointment before the treatment with your artist. So, before the treatment starts make sure to have an appointment with your artist. The consultation is essential to have a one-on-one conversation with the artist. It's an excellent time to discuss your makeup goals and get answers to your queries. Make sure to talk freely about what shade and what shape you want from your treatment. During the consultation, you can also get more comfortable with your artist, which will ease your treatment time later. 


In this section, I will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about what I shall do before semi Permanent makeup treatment. 

Q. How do you prepare semi permanent makeup?

Do not apply any makeup in the treatment area. Apply moisture and drink a good amount of water to stay hydrated. Discuss your makeup goals with your artist before the treatment starts. 

Q. What should you not do before getting permanent makeup?

Do not go for any derma fillers, botox treatment, electrolysis process, waxing, tinting, or tweezing before getting permanent makeup. 

Q. Can I drink coffee before permanent makeup?

Avoid intake of alcohol and caffeine before 48 hours of treatment. It is not a good idea to drink coffee before the treatment. Alcohol and caffeine can affect the healing period. 


I want to thank you for keeping up till the end. I am pretty sure you will find today's article information helpful. There are different types of instruction for various procedures. For good results without getting into any problem, it is necessary to follow all the instructions strictly. Furthermore, there will also be after-care instructions at the end of treatment. 

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