8 Important Things to Consider When you Make Personalized Beer Bottle Labels

For people who deal in liquor like beers and wines, it's important to grab the attention of your customers. To achieve this, you need to be innovative, unique, and use modern techniques.

8 Important Things to Consider When you Make Personalized Beer Bottle Labels
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However, not everyone can print their personalized beer labels in-house because they don't have the required skills and equipment to do so. When you decide to print beer labels, style is important.

Here are some things you should know when you want to make personalized beer bottle labels at Grogtag

  • Brand name

The most important thing when you want to make a personalized beer label is choosing an attractive brand name. This is the name which your beer is marketed under. A brand name doesn't show the origin, identity, or other features of your product. 

  • Country of origin

It is compulsory to always put the country of origin of your beer on the label. This has been made compulsory by US customers and border control. It doesn't have to be something long, you could just write, '' Product of UK '. But if it's an imported beer, the country of origin must be found on your label.

  • Draft

What this means is that your beer hasn't passed through pasteurization and you have used another method to remove bacteria. However, if your beer is pasteurized, you can indicate on the label that 'this product is draft brewed'.

  • Class designation

Most alcohol, especially beer, comes with a class designation. If your beer is brewed with extra spices, fruit, and honey, you are mandated to show their class of designation. On the label, you must have a statement of composition which states base malt. A good example is if your beer is made from raspberries, you must state '' beer fermented with raspberry ''. You should also include a catchy or fanciful name to attract your customers.

  • Alcohol content

Including the specific alcohol content on your label is ideal while not mandatory in all countries. However, federal laws in many states in the US state that flavored beers with extract alcohol should have the alcohol percentage on the labels. Ensure you check your location of distribution before labeling your beer.

  • Name and address

You must print the manufacturer's name and address on your labels. Your customers must know where the beer is being made and how to contact the producer. You could also use authorized trade names instead of your company name if you want. Just ensure you can be traced.

  • Net contents

All beer labels must show the net contents of your products in the language of the destination country. If your beer is going to the USA, it should be written in American English, if it's been distributed to Australia, Australian English. You must be conversant with the linguistics diversities of your audience and this must show in your label.

  • Health warnings

Depending on the alcohol content of the beer being distributed, you must print vividly all government health warnings about alcohol consumption. A good example is stating that women shouldn't drink alcoholic drinks during pregnancy or that Drinking alcohol can impede the ability to drive properly and operate machines correctly.

When considering printing beer labels, wine labels, and can labels for your product, Grogtag is your best bet. They are reliable, trustworthy, and offer quality services.

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