How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

It is now Summer time, which means: trips to beaches, warm days out in parks and being far too hot all the time. 

How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer
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If you’re not a fan of being incredibly hot all day, you’ll need some advice on keeping your home cool during the Summer, so read on and get some top tips on how to keep your home cool this year.

Use A Tower Fan For A Breeze

On a hot day, a cool breeze can be the difference between sitting comfortably and finding yourself melting on your sofa. But as you’ll discover later, you shouldn’t have your windows open when it’s warm, so you need to get a breeze from elsewhere.

This is where tower fans come in, with a handy little fan you can make a breeze in your home, to cool you down and help circulate the air in your house. A simple tower fan can make all the difference on a warm day, so make sure you have one at the ready.

Keep Blinds Closed During The Day

On a hot Summer’s day, it can be tempting to pull up your blinds and open the window to let some fresh air into your home, but this will only make your home warmer as warm air from outside pours into your home. From mid-morning to mid-evening, it will be very warm and you don’t want to let hot air or hot sun enter your home.

So, during the day you should have your blinds and windows closed, especially in conservatories, where you should keep your conservatory blinds closed during the day, to avoid it turning into a greenhouse. But, whatever windows you have in your home, keep them closed and shaded during the day, otherwise you may just make your home hotter.

Let Cool Air In At Mornings & Night

We’ve just said that during the day, you should keep your blinds and windows closed, during the cooler hours of the day in the morning and evening, the reverse is true. When it is cooler outside, you should take advantage of that and let the cool air enter your home, so that your home is not as warm when the Sun comes out.

So, during the mornings and evenings, let that lovely cool air pour into your home, then when things start to get warmer, close your blinds and windows to stop any of that warm air from making it’s way into your home.

Allow Air To Circulate In Your Home

On a hot day, the last thing you want is for the air in your home to stagnate, when warm air doesn’t move, it often makes a room feel stuffy and warmer than it actually is. So, it is important to allow air to circulate around your home, in order to avoid warm air stagnating and turning your home into a sweaty nightmare.

Just by having the interior doors of your home opened will encourage circulation, as the air can move room to room, this will also help spread any cold air throughout your home too. To take this to the next level, if you put a fan by your window, you can suck in cool air and let it circulate around your home to beat the heat.

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