3 Advanced Techniques to Implement in Your Next Podcast

Podcasts are the newest way of connecting with your audience. Social media presence is critical for the growth of your business in 2022, but there is a limit to how much you can share on these social media channels. Podcasts allow you to explain the products and services of your business in great depth, create a need, target pain points of your prospects and do much more. In addition, you can invite industry experts to your podcast and get your audience answers to the most asked questions. Melon has strategies to start a podcast that can help in connecting with your audience, but here we have mentioned three of the most important ones:

3 Advanced Techniques to Implement in Your Next Podcast
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1. Host Your Podcast

Today, we can also see certain podcasts on YouTube, but podcasts' entire concept is about the audio experience. Many people have the misconception that podcasts can be directly uploaded to Spotify or Apple Podcast wherever you plan on putting out your podcast. But it's not just that: there are a few podcast hosting platforms like Buzzsprout, Transistor, PodBean, etc. to consider as well, here's why:

Once you have a podcast host set, you will add your podcast to their directories using the RSS feed. All the necessary codes are added so that the listeners access the right audio files with proper titles and texts. The goal is to reach out to as many listeners as possible, and it can certainly be achieved with podcast hosting.

2. Leverage Engagement Analytics

It is all about staying connected to the content you have already published. All great content creators keep an eye on the podcast engagement metrics of the podcasts that they have published to see what resonates best with their audience. For example, you might have come across content on social media that is a continuation of a series. 

This shows that the audience showed a great response to the concept and hence the creator decided to make more content on the same concept. Think about subtopics to the topic and make new podcasts as the continuation of the previous one. You can also ask your audience what they would like to listen to in the following podcast, which could be a game-changer. 

3. Storify Your Podcasts

Stories resonate with your audience. The brain receptors in the brain react best to stories. Start your podcast with a story related to your business or whatever idea you want to present in your podcast. Each podcast can either have a different topic, or it can be a continuation of the previous one. Setting up a story has three significant steps: beginning with a setup, building up to a climax, and ending with a resolution. This is also known as the story arc. You can also answer the questions you might think your listeners must be thinking. 

Here we have mentioned only three techniques you can use, but you can also search for more techniques that might work better for your company. It is hit and trial; it's almost impossible that you will be hit with your first podcast (unless you are Jimmy Fallon starting a podcast). It will take time to gather an audience and then work on understanding what they expect from the show. Keep exploring different techniques to figure out what works best for you.

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