Step-by-Step Instructions for Planning an African Safari Tour

An African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should be on the bucket list of every traveler. Planning a safari can be a pleasurable activity, but there are a lot of things to think about, especially for first-timers. Going to Africa is more difficult than traveling to other areas of the world. Many locations are rural and have long travel itineraries, necessitating logistical planning for flights and transfers.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Planning an African Safari Tour
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We recommend that you delegate this task to us. We will keep hold of your journey from beginning to end in this article. We are here to assist you to have the finest safari experience possible, whether you are planning a family vacation, a month-long stay, a group or a work trip, numerous country visits, or simply a simple trip for two.

The following is a step-by-step resource to help you arrange the finest African safari trip.

What Parts of Africa Would You Like To See?

Africa is a big continent with an abundance of natural marvels, vast areas teeming with incredible species, cultural experiences, and exciting cities. It can be difficult to decide what to do on your trip. However, narrowing down all of the attractions and activities available begins with picking where you want to go. 

For your first trip, we recommend concentrating on one or two countries. Trying to cram too many countries into one trip will make each stop feel rushed and will detract from the overall experience. If you are a first-time visitor looking to see a lot of wildlife, Tanzania, Kenya, or South Africa are the best places to go because they are the “big 5” sightings, and many more species can be found there.

We suggest, out of a wide range of safaris and trips to a wide range of amazing destinations, the following – in Southern Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana; in Eastern Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

So, Which Is Better: East Africa or South Africa?

These regions provide a wide range of experiences. South Africa could be a better choice if you want a more well-rounded experience. This country offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and historical heritage of Cape Town, as well as the breathtaking winelands and, of course, excellent game viewing. South Africa is a very diversified country with plenty to offer everyone.

On the other hand, if you want to have a “National Geographic” experience, we strongly suggest going to East Africa. The sheer number of games in Kenya and Tanzania sets them apart from South Africa. The Great Wildebeest Migration takes place in the Serengeti and Masai Mara, which are both located in Tanzania.

When Would It Be Best to Visit One Region and When Another?

When you travel to Africa, the season you visit might have a big impact on what you see. When it comes to East Africa, you can hope to see plenty of animals all year. The Great Migration is a year-round occurrence in which gazelles, wildebeest, and zebras migrate between Kenya and Tanzania in a clockwise circuit in search of food and water. As a result, when you decide to travel, you will need to decide first where you want to go.

If you are visiting Tanzania between June and July, you will have the best chance of viewing the Great Migration in the Serengeti, while January and February are the best months to watch the wildebeest calving season. If you are planning a trip between July and October, Kenya might be the ideal place to see the migration. It is critical to remember that these are beautiful but wild animals, and nothing can be promised while on safari. Nonetheless, professional drivers/guides are well trained in detecting wildlife and will do everything possible to make your trip thrilling and unforgettable.

How Long Will Your Journey Last?

Africa is a large continent with a diverse range of sights and activities. Choosing how long you want to spend in each location can help you determine how many stops you can make without feeling pressured. 

We recommend spending at least 8 days in Africa, not including flying time. You will be able to take your time and experience all Africa has to provide.

Is It Better To Go on a Scheduled (Small Group) Safari or a Private Safari?

Trying to decide whether to go on an individual or group safari? A booked small group safari may be a fantastic alternative if you do not care to share your safari vehicle and prefer socializing with other passengers. Keep in mind that most safari vehicles in East Africa have a maximum capacity of 7 people, with a window seat assured for everyone. Scheduled safaris and tours are not only less expensive, but they are also fully escorted and can deliver the same unforgettable time as a private safari.

A private safari is recommended if you are traveling in a large crowd or staying at premium lodges/camps. You will have greater freedom and will be able to completely design your trip. Safari game tours are normally given by the camp/lodge in Southern Africa. As a result, even if your trip was custom-designed, you may be linked up with other visitors at each lodge except if separate guidance is ordered at an additional expense.

What Are Your Plans for Your Time in Africa?

Visiting Africa entails much more than embarking on rides and viewing incredible wildlife. There is plenty to see and do whether you are in Eastern or Southern Africa. 

Here are a few ideas for exercises to think about:

• Watch the Great Wildebeest Migration.

• Ride a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti in Tanzania or the Masai Mara in Kenya.

• Ride a helicopter over Victoria Falls.

• Watch bird migration in the Etosha National Park in Namibia.

• Visit Maasai village in Tanzania.

• Visit Cape Town, South Africa.

• Watch mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda.

• Play at Tanzania’s one-and-only 18-hole golf course.

• Play “Extreme 19th hole” on a high cliff in South Africa.

• Cruise through the Okavango Delta in Botswana on a mokoro (special kind of canoe).

• Visit a beautiful beach resort in Zanzibar.

• Climb Mount Kilimanjaro or hike its foothills.

• Experience a thrilling shark cage diving in the Western Cape of South Africa.

• Shop for unique handmade crafts.

How Many People Will Go with You on This Trip?

Are you thinking of a romantic getaway for two? A small gathering of friends or family? Is it a large group? Do you intend to travel with your children? The number of individuals going with you will have an impact on your itinerary and how far ahead of time you should start arranging. In general, the larger the group, the longer it takes to plan and coordinate, as well as to ensure lodge/camp availability. Many safari camps have only a handful or fewer rooms and sell out rapidly, particularly during high season. If you have a large group, require many rooms, or require a certain type of housing, careful planning is required.

Another consideration is traveling with children. There are certain camps that do not allow children under the age of seven due to safety concerns, but there are also numerous family-friendly camps that offer particular day sessions for youngsters. Children’s rates are frequently much lower.

What Is the Scope of Your Budget Limitations?

One of the most important aspects in deciding the parameters of an itinerary is the budget. An 8-day safari, including lodging, meals, and internal flights, can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 per person. 

Setting a budget ahead of time will aid in determining the best options for lodging, transportation, and activities. While you are in Africa, you might try out the growing number of land-based and online betting platforms, such are online betting sites in Cameroon, to make your budget larger on spot.

What Kind of Lodging Would You Prefer To Stay In?

Depending on the destination, Africa has a wide range of accommodation options. The funds and activities you may expect will be determined by the category. Are you looking for a budget-friendly 3 to a 4-star hotel or a luxurious 5-star hotel? Are you interested in staying in lodges, traditional tented camps, or mobile/seasonal camps on your safari? Are you interested in staying in a big hotel or a boutique hotel when visiting South Africa's cities?

In Africa, there are many hotels, lodges, and camps to choose from. Skilled travel agencies will check your potential accommodation on a regular basis to ensure that it meets your high requirements. Based on your interests and budget, they will be happy to suggest the finest solutions available. The ideal lodge for newlyweds, for example, might not be suitable for families or large groups and vice versa. They will assist you with your flight too.

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