CBD Oil: Things You Need To Know

CBD oil has been long utilized for its various therapeutic effects, but what about cancer? Can CBD oil treat cancer symptoms and its side effects? Today, we will explore some of the studies and try to find out the answer.

CBD Oil: Things You Need To Know
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While there have been many claims that CBD holds the potential to treat cancer, we think that it is still too early to make that claim. There have never been any studies about the effect of CBD oil on cancer treatment, and even if there have been some tries, the results were not satisfactory. 

If you look at the few studies that have been made, you will find that they were not conclusive. Meanwhile, CBD oil may help manage some cancer symptoms. However, researchers need more evidence to feel satisfied. 

Before we can move forward, it is important to note that CBD is a form of cannabis that does not have THC value. It is a different compound that causes a HIGH without THC.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant. The great thing about CBD oil is that they do not have THC extract. Although they can make you high, they are not addictive; hence, they are used for medicinal purposes. 

If you are using CBD oil for any purpose, ensure that you are following the cbd oil dosage chart. This will help you never overdose on your CBD oil.  

Furthermore, before you take CBD, seek medical advice from your doctor to avoid any future complications.

CBD For Cancer Prevention

Many studies on the relationship between cancer and CBD oil involve mice and human cells in the lab. However, the study is still in its beginning phase. So, it is hard to come up with any conclusive evidence. 

Scientists believe that more studies specific to people with cancer are needed to understand the relationship between cancer and CBD oil. 

Ongoing research has focused primarily on two things -  

Whether or not CBD can slow cancer cells.

Whether CBD can relieve the effects of cancer. 

CBD oil has the potential to be used as an anti-inflammatory for skin conditions. As we know, skin inflammation can potentially lead to skin cancer. This happens because of the increased pro-inflammatory cytokines. 

This has been concluded after a study showing inflammatory cytokines and chemokines to be involved in the survival of the cancer cells. 

Lung cancer is another cancer that takes more lives than any other cancer worldwide. 90% of lung cancer is related to tobacco consumption and smoking. A recent study shows that cannabinoid receptors are the potential marker for the survival of a patient with non-small cell lung cancer.

Is CBD Safe For People With Cancer?

You may find stories of people talking about the health benefits of CBD oil and how it has the potential to treat cancer. Please remember that such personal stories, while they have a good meaning behind them, are not supported by any scientific study and do not have any evidence to prove them. 

The safety and efficacy of the CBD for people with cancer still need to be proven in controlled clinical trial environments. While you are at it, you must know that CBD oil might cause interference with the drugs you are taking for your cancer treatment. 

If you are not careful about the side effects of cancer drugs and CBD oil reacting together, you might expose your body to further medical complications. This is why experts advise cancer patients to seek help from their oncologist before going to CBD oil for medications.

Final Thoughts

While some research shows that CBD has the potential to treat cancer and treat side effects, scientists are yet to find any concrete proof. The information we have is only limited to a few research that too ends up without any actual results. 

That being said, if you are talking about CBD in the hopes of treating cancers and fighting its side effects, it is important that you seek medical advice from your doctor. 

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