Top Ways to Buy Shoes that Fit Online

There is always that anxiety that comes with buying shoes online. You can't wait to hold the item and see it in real life compared to what was posted online. Now imagine after all the time you take to look for the right shoes and wait, only to get the vans that won't fit. It can be so crushing.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the disappointment of shopping for shoes that don't fit.

1. Know the shoe size before buying 

Getting the shoe size right is the first step to shopping for a fitting van. In as much as the picture of the shoes might seem fitting to you, confirm the size from the site. Most online stores provide shoes within a range of sizes. Ensure you countercheck the size you select after making an order. 

Also, remember to check the measurement system used, whether it’s US, UK, EU, or inches measurements.

2. Measure your feet

Anytime you ask someone about their shoe size, they will always give you a number. Most people don't realize that these numbers can get confusing after some time. The shoe sizes can also vary based on brands. Do not take anything to chance and measure your foot size. 

You don't need any special equipment to measure your feet. Only two pieces of paper larger than your feet are good enough. Measure both feet and take the measurements of the larger foot as the correct size.

Remember always to give the allowance of socks when measuring your foot. You can even put the socks on during the measurements. 

3. Measure your feet later in the day 

Time of the day is crucial when measuring the size of your feet. The feet tend to swell during the day; hence, the optimum foot size is later in the day. You increase the chances of getting comfortable shoes for a whole day’s work or use. 

4. Read reviews online

Your other leading saving grace at vans sale online is to read reviews. Most people who buy shoes online are ever willing to give feedback on the brands and the shopping experience. Go through the reviews to understand if the shoe size is true to what is depicted on the charts and if the shoes are comfortable enough. The reviews from the previous buyers can help you make informed decisions. 

5. Understand the return policy 

No matter how careful you are when shopping for shoes online, you can still end up with an unfitting size. In such a case, you have to understand what the site's return policy provides in such a case. Shop at a place that allows you to return the products after fitting. Also, the shop should allow you a change of shoes depending on availability or return of money.

Bottom line 

Shopping for the correct shoe size can never be underrated. Understand your foot size, the shoe size chart system, and the return policy when looking to shop for a shoe that fits. 

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