4 Battles You Should Let Your Toddler ‘Win’

Toddlers are a lot of fun. They’ve reached the age they can move around by themselves, they have a huge amount of curiosity, and they are ready to push their limits. Of course, this means there will be times they do things that they shouldn’t and you’ll end up having to discipline or argue with them.

4 Battles You Should Let Your Toddler ‘Win’
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However, it is important to respect your children and the fact they are simply following their instincts and may not know any better. You can’t win every battle and, in many cases, you don’t need to even fight them. Allowing a toddler to win a few battles will help to build their confidence and self-esteem. 

That will help them from the moment they start at this reputable Croydon early learning centre and throughout the rest of their lives.

1. Lay With Them

Toddlers and young children want you to lay with them at bedtime. Of course, the reason is to allow them to stay awake longer. However, this is one battle there is no need to fight. 

The reality is that this is a phase. It doesn’t take long for children to no longer want cuddles, make the most of them while you can. It helps you to bond with your child which improves their emotional development. 

It’s also an easier and faster way to get your child to fall asleep than simply telling them to do so!

2. Play With me

There are times when it is impossible to play with your child. This could be when you’re in the middle of cooking, or perhaps you are working from home. Your child needs to understand these are not safe or appropriate times to lay.

However, in most other situations you can afford to stop what you are doing and play with your child, and you should. In most cases, 15 minutes is enough and you can afford to postpone what you are doing for that short period.

Again, this helps with bonding and social development. But, it is also beneficial to you. It won’t be long before they have n interest in playing with you. 

3. Temper Tantrums

Toddlers are not always very good at expressing themselves. If they need attention or simply want to get their own way and it’s not working, a temper tantrum can seem like a great solution. However, you cannot win this battle by giving into their tantrum. 

Instead of making a fuss and trying to barter with your toddler, simply verify that they are safe. If so, you can leave them to enjoy their tantrum.

They will quickly learn that it doesn’t get them what they want and stop. If you have a child that is on the spectrum, consider looking into some aba techniques for tantrums

4. Let Them Eat Sweets

Sugary snacks are bad for their teeth and potentially cause weight gain, although this is generally minimal in toddlers. You can’t let them eat sugary treats at any time or every time. But, sometimes this is a battle that it’s worth letting them win. All you have to do is justify the ‘win’ by referencing their good behaviour. You’ll create a positive link which will help them to behave better in the future. 

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