3 Reasons To Get Your Amalgam Fillings Replaced

Amalgam fillings were a popular option for many years. In fact, for a while, they were the only option. Any filling offers your tooth protection and helps to avoid further cavities and infection, making it a useful technique to preserve teeth. 

3 Reasons To Get Your Amalgam Fillings Replaced
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However, as time has passed more research has been done and alternatives have appeared specifically organic fillings. These are now the norm.

If you have had dental work in the past it is possible that you have amalgam fillings. You should visit a reputable dentist, such as this dentist Five Dock, and have them removed and replaced. Here’s why:

1. Amalgam Fillings Contain Mercury

Amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of materials, including mercury. Unfortunately, it has the potential to leach out of your fillings and into the body. While this shouldn’t happen, the older your filling is the more likely it is that this will happen. 

Unfortunately, mercury is toxic and can cause mercury poisoning in your body. While research suggests that the levels released from fillings are not enough to cause any issue, you may prefer to play safe and have the amalgam fillings removed and replaced. 

Research confirms this isn’t the only way n which oral and overall health are connected.

2. They Don’t Look Good

Amalgam fillings are very strong which is why they are still often used to fill our back teeth, the molars. These teeth exert the most pressure in your mouth as they grind food up ready to be swallowed. 

However, an amalgam filling is black, it doesn’t look like your natural teeth and you are going to be aware of this.

While a rear filling may not be noticeable when you smile or talk, an amalgam filling in your front tooth definitely will be. 

In both cases, you’ll likely find you smile less as this prevents people from seeing the filling. Of course, this means you may attend fewer social occasions and your self-esteem and confidence levels will fall. This can damage your success in life. 

If you’re concerned about how your amalgam filling looks, you need to get it replaced.

3. They Don’t Add Strength!

Surprisingly, considering amalgam fillings are a combination of metals, they don’t add any significant strength to your teeth. This is important as believing they keep your bite strong is one of the main reasons to keep an amalgam filling.

However, the filling isn’t bonded to your tooth. It simply occupies the space of the cavity. That means too much downward pressure on the tooth will transfer through the filling and act more like a splitter, potentially causing damage to the lower part of your tooth. 

This creates an opportunity for bacteria to enter, attacking the original tooth and potentially causing a bigger cavity and infection. 

The bottom line is simple, a composite filling looks better and actually bonds with your tooth. By having your amalgam fillings removed and a composite filling added, you’ll improve the strength and health of your teeth. What better reason is there? 

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