Top Reasons Why Metal-free Dental Implants Are The Best Choice

Looking after your oral health is important as your teeth are vital to your ability to chew food and form words. That’s why dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once. Your dental health is also connected to your overall health, that’s why so many people prefer to visit a holistic dentist that understands this concept. 

Top Reasons Why Metal-free Dental Implants Are The Best Choice
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However, even with great care, there are times when teeth are damaged. This can result in cavities and implants. The good news is the number of people with implants is slowly decreasing

If you are missing a tooth then you’ll want to look at the options available. There are three to choose from:

1. Bridge

A bridge rests on the teeth next to the gap and allows a false tooth to slot into the gap. This restores the appearance of perfect teeth and helps to maintain the strength and integrity of your teeth. However, it does require your healthy teeth on each side to be filed.

2. Dentures

Dentures can be partial or full. Again, these can look good but they don’t always hold well in position and you will often find food s caught between the denture and your gum, causing friction and possibly infection.

3. Implants

Implants are the most expensive option but they are generally agreed to be the best. The implant is fused into your bone, giving it the strength of your original teeth without the problems.

The reason these work so well is that a rod of titanium is inserted into your jaw bone and the bone fuses with it. However, more recent research suggests there could be an issue with introducing this metal into your mouth.

Titanium Isn’t The Only Metal

Titanium appears to be safe. However, most implants don’t use just titanium. The outer coating is titanium to allow your bone to fuse, the rest may be a mixture of metals, including nickel and aluminium. 

Unfortunately, both of these are considered toxic, especially if you have a metal allergy. The metals can seep through the titanium coating over time and enter your body, potentially causing an array of issues. 

It should also be noted that your mouth offers the perfect conditions for corrosion to set in. The metal in your implant can corrode and escape into your mouth. This is likely to aggravate the surrounding tissue and it increases the chances of gum infections. Research shows that this is a bigger concern than originally thought. 

Implants remain the preferred option but it is important to check what type of implant you are being offered. If you wish to avoid metal implants it is possible to use a ceramic implant which is metal-free and won’t create the same gum infection problems that titanium rods do.

Naturally, the best option is regular dental care to avoid the need for teeth to be replaced. But, if an implant is necessary, aim for the ceramic option, it is less likely to cause issues in the future. 

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