Want to Generate Some Extra Money This Weekend? Here are 5 Easy Ways to do it

Over the last few years, times have become tougher. Certainly, with the advent of the pandemic, many people had to tighten their belts as work fell short, or layoffs occurred.

Want to Generate Some Extra Money This Weekend? Here are 5 Easy Ways to do it
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Sometimes, everyone needs to look for extra ways to make a little more income. These can be side hustles, gigs, or something else. A one-off house and garage clearance for instance can generate a surprising amount of cash. It also has the benefit of decluttering the home. 

So, if you are looking to make a little extra money, and you have the weekend free for yourself, what are the best ways to achieve this? 

What generates the most cash?

There are two factors in play here, time and money. You have the weekend to generate some money, but what can you truly expect to achieve? 

One of the most prevalent methods of bringing in some extra income is to sell unwanted items. The easiest way to make money this way would be to sell high-value belongings such as electronic goods, laptops, and jewelry. 

For instance, Business Insider reports that the resale market for engagement rings is booming. So, for the first example of how to make money, you can explore the options of selling jewelry and especially engagement rings. 

How can you sell your old engagement ring?

There are many specialists online if you want to sell your engagement ring or other jewelry quickly and easily. Some of the more reputable ones are Diamond Oak, Worthy, and Express Gold Cash. These dealers are interested in higher to lower carats in the order they are shown. Therefore, if you have a 1.2-carat ring or above, head to Diamond Oak. For something much lower in carats, use Express Gold Cash or something similar. 

There are also pawn shops and online listings you can do yourself. However, you have to consider whether you are going to see anywhere near the true value of your ring through these methods. 

Can you genuinely sell jewelry online?

It may seem a little strange to buy jewelry online, but many dealers and retailers are operating this way. Oberlo, the dropshipping company, reports that in 2019, the online resale market for jewelry was $8.4 billion. This area is growing, and the convenience of the net allows for quick sales. 

What should you do to help obtain the best quotes for your jewelry? Ideally, you will have some type of documentation for your jewelry, and some form of valuation. This will help when you look for quotations. 

Understanding how to get money from stuff you no longer want involves you knowing what you are selling, and choosing the right buyer. Going to a pawnshop will result in a quick sale for an engagement ring, but it may be much lower than going to a diamond dealer. 

What other ways can you make money over the weekend?

Selling your jewelry isn’t the only way to make money, and for many, it wouldn’t be a desirable choice. As fortune would have it, there are multiple other ways to make some cash over a weekend. 

Perform a short auction on eBay

eBay allows auctions to be set for different lengths of time. Many people prefer the longer option of seven or occasionally ten days. This allows more potential buyers to find you and consider your item. 

Sometimes though, a short auction can work. A 3-day auction could be ideal for selling over the weekend. The evening on a Sunday is the best time for an auction to end, so set it up so that yours finishes during this period. 

Rent out your driveway, room, or home

Many people are renting out their space now in creative ways. A driveway provides parking for someone who needs to commute by public transport but wants to cut back on daily costs. It also allows someone to commute by train or bus when their option before has been driving to work. 

Airbnb and couch surfing has shown that renting homes and rooms works very well. This can be very profitable if you live in an area where a large event is happening or is a popular tourist destination. Staying with family over the weekend can allow you to rent your home out. 

Have a garage sale and closet clearout

It isn’t just jewelry that sells, many of your unwanted items may be worth a little bit of money. Set up a garage or lawn sale, and bring in some cash for all those unloved and unused goods. Knowing how to sell your old stuff for cash can be rewarding financially, and also liberating. 

This is especially recommended if you are planning on moving home soon, as decluttering helps to sell a home, and you will simply have less to move. 

Fill out online surveys and visit reward sites

This option won’t bring cash flooding in but do it regularly when you find yourself with time on your hands, and the rewards will add up. Some reward sites will offer cash for carrying out tasks, or introducing friends, while others will give you discounts or points to redeem. 

Surveys are similar in that you need to finish a task to get rewarded, but they are almost always paid out in cash. There is usually a minimum withdrawal limit, so you may have to complete quite a few surveys to reach it. However, given time and regular input, you could have a small side gig going. Just be sure to look out for check deposit scams and to never give a suspicious site your banking information. 

Start a Dropshipping venture

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. This approach offers several benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduces the initial capital required to start a business since there's no need to invest in inventory. This makes market entry more accessible for budding entrepreneurs. 

Moreover, the business model is less risky since you only purchase goods when there's a confirmed order, eliminating the hazards of unsold stock. Dropshipping also provides flexibility in product offerings, as businesses can quickly adapt to market trends without the burden of leftover inventory. 

A specific form of dropshipping that has gained popularity is "print on demand." In this model, products, often apparel or accessories, are printed with custom designs only when a customer places an order. Print on demand connects seamlessly with dropshipping because products are created and shipped only upon customer demand, ensuring minimal overhead and a unique, tailored product for the consumer. Learn how to make custom clothing for a dropshipping business.


High-value items are the quickest way to bring in some substantial returns. Clearly, electronic items and jewelry are desirable and easy to sell. Finding the right selling method is critical though. 

If you are looking to offload an unwanted engagement ring then look for reputable dealers, and obtain several quotations. Don’t settle for pawnshops or Craigslist, unless you need an extremely quick sale. 

Other options such as a garage sale may bring in less cash, but they can be rewarding in their own way, and often very therapeutic.

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