Baek Punya Feeling! Celebrates Life’s Small Wins with Cloud 9 Gold

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Baek Punya Feeling! Celebrates Life’s Small Wins with Cloud 9 Gold

It’s now time to safely step out and start celebrating life anew. Certainly, if there is one thing that Covid 19 has taught us - it is to appreciate life and the many blessings we have, both big and small, and to celebrate lives.

We are each different and small wins can take many shapes and sizes. Go ahead and reward yourselves when you have achieved your own small goal in life, whether it’s clearing your inbox, passing your driving test, teaching your pet a new trick with success, baking your first cake, achieving 10,000 steps in daily walk, learning a new language, hooking up with a long- lost friend, finishing a novel … and the list goes on.

And it’s definitely no fun celebrating alone. Cloud 9 Gold is organising a special contest from 1st June to 30th June to mark your small wins in a big way! Make sure to shout out to all your friends and buddies and get them to join in the celebration too. It’s more fun when we all enjoy that ‘Baek Punya Feeling’ together.

Here’s how you can be rewarded when you celebrate your small wins with Cloud 9 Gold:

1. Download the #Baekpunyafeeling filter from Cloud 9 IG story

2. Use the TikTok filter and dance along. Be creative.

3. Share it on your TikTok platform and hashtag #Baekpunyafeeling #Cloud9MY.

4. 10 Tiktok videos with the most likes will be rewarded with 5 personalised Cloud 9 Gold with your name printed on the sleeve. 

In addition, to take that ‘Baek Punya Feeling’ a notch up, there will be a ‘Cloud 9 Gold Kau Boleh’ video compilation of all the entries. See your small wins recognised to the max!

Remember, nothing is too small to be a win! Together, let’s make it a BIG celebration of our SMALL wins and enjoy more ‘Baek Punya Feeling’.



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