Lovestruck® Coming to Malaysia

Online dating has come out of the closet and we have to accept this part of our super busy modern life. Maybe we still won`t feel comfortable replying the question of ‘how did you two meet?’ if you actually met online. On the other hand, who cares? As long as you are happy in relationships, does it really matter if you did not meet in a conventional way? Most likely, the reaction of your single friend to your reply will be a jealous sigh and a request to share the name of the site you two met.

Lovestruck® Coming to Malaysia

Well, here is the tip, start your love story on Lovestruck®, the Multi-award winning dating site and app originated from UK, designed specifically for busy single professionals seeking serious relationships.

Lovestruck® which is now available in Malaysia, is quite unique. How?

First and most important peculiarity is that all registrations, profiles and pictures are vetted by humans – so the chance you encounter an insulting profile or inappropriate image as a profile picture is zero. 

If you actually register (totally for free), you can have a peak and trust me – you will see only the appropriate candidates, female or male – whoever you are looking for – from the age range you set up while registering to the site or via app.   

Secondly, Lovestruck® is the pioneer in implementing the revolutionary idea of profile validation. What does it mean? To put it simply, any member can provide its social media IDs on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – so that the Lovestruck® team will confirm that the member is single, professional and local. 100% privacy – no one will see your actual social media accounts. 

Why would I do that? – You might ask. Well, because the lucky members who already got their accounts verified and are boasting the blue tick on their profile picture – get more attention and way higher level of interest, that will obviously result in more dates. And happy relationships – as this is the ultimate goal, after all. 

In the millennium of smart everything – Lovestruck® could not stay away from the tech progress and implemented a perfect partnering feature. What happens is that a behavioral recommendation engine will be studying your activity - what profiles you viewed, who you found interesting enough to wink to, who you added to your Favourites. 

Based on this data you will be offered the most accurate matches. Yes, your profile and your preferences will matter to Lovestruck®, but Lovestruck® is smart enough to understand that what we say we are looking for and what we are actually looking for is different.

Register on Lovestruck® for free and start your love story today.

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