5 Most Common Mistakes During Driving Test

Apart from being expensive, driving lessons can take up much of your time. And at the end of it all, you’re required to pass a short 40-minute practical exam. It’s therefore important to prepare properly before you take your driving test. You also need to know about mistakes to avoid during your test to improve your chances of success. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make during their driving test. 

5 Most Common Mistakes People Make on their Driving Test

1. Improper Lane Changes
When preparing to get your driving license, remember to change your lanes correctly. Even experienced drivers are not immune to this mistake. If you want to change lanes properly, ensure that you look first and then signal your intention by using turn signals. You need to check the side and rear-view mirrors for the other cars. Ensure there are no blind spots and when it’s all clear, you can change lanes.

2. Rolling Stops
New drivers will have points deducted because of failing to make the vehicle come to a complete stop. To avoid points being deducted, you must make your car come to a complete stop when you stop at lights or junctions, and always behind the boundary line.

3. Not Controlling your Speed
Breaking speed limits will lead to a certain fail. You will also automatically fail if you drive too aggressively, which can happen if you accelerate too rapidly. But driving too fast is not the only thing you should be worried about since you could also be penalized for driving too slow in some cases. The trick is to match the speed other drivers are using. You also need to be conscious of speed limits in certain areas such as school zones, residential roads, construction zones and highways.

4. Following Too Closely
A safe distance should be maintained between you and the other cars around you. Following too closely can lead to accidents since you won’t have enough reaction time if you suddenly need to brake. Driving instructors normally advise you to keep several car lengths separating you and the car in front. Most importantly, maintain double the distance when it’s raining.

5. Failing at Parallel Parking
Mastering parallel parking demands a lot of practice. Practicing will enable you to perform parallel parking in a correct and confident manner. Common mistakes people make when they parallel park include touching other vehicles or inadvertently running over the pavement. If you position your car improperly, fail to signal or don’t utilize your mirrors, that’s a certain fail. You also need to remember to stop the manoeuvre when another car approaches.

Taking a road test can be a challenge, but whatever you do, make sure that you remain calm and confident on the road. You also need to practice as much as possible before you take your driving test. When preparing to get your driving license, consider visiting sites like Toptests.co.uk which provide mock tests that can help refresh your theory knowledge. If you do this and manage to avoid the above common mistakes, you’ll improve your chances of getting a passing mark when you take your road test.

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