Top 5 Virtual Services / App That Solve Real World Problems

In the modern world, apps are becoming more and more core to our day-to-day activities. Getting from place to place requires a maps app, buying dinner means some phone banking, getting your house cleaned necessitates a home cleaning app, and all of this is available at the tips of your fingers. With a smartphone in this day and age, the world is your oyster, and we’ve put together a list of some virtual services to solve the real world problems. Every app design company has been working on such services make things easier for you. 

Top 5 Virtual Services / App to Solve Real World Problems

Because of the top standard of app developers in Malaysia and very reasonable costs compared to other countries building an app for your brand or even the local community has never been easier.

First up is the popular ride-sharing app, Über. This app allows you to “call” for a taxi essentially, except that the taxi is a private citizen in their private vehicle going for a drive anyway, so the ride is cheaper than a taxi, and the car is often cleaner. Über is popular for several reasons: cleanliness, friendliness, punctuality, difference, and their steady rise in popularity is only solidifying their place in the future of smart devices.

Airbnb is an app that allows people to list their houses, apartments, or even just rooms for rent. One night, two nights, or more, your room can be rented out to strangers online for a price that you set, just like a hotel would. This makes traveling much easier for tourists, and for people who want to stay somewhere but don’t want to pay hotel prices.

Wish is sort of like the flea market of apps. There are plenty of interesting and wonderful things available to buy on Wish, and many of them are very cheap, or have limited-time-only sales on as you scroll past, but the goods are almost always lower in quality, and you don’t buy them to get a product that will last. Good for small gifts for coworkers and acquaintances more than family or friends.

The answer to the parking ticket machines in the city of Melbourne, PayStay allows you to set up payment for your car parking via an app on your phone. You put a certain amount of money into your PayStay account, and then you simply park your car, mark on the app where it’s parked, and the parking money gets taken out of your PayStay account. This eliminates the need for paper tickets and means you don’t need to rush back to your car to top up the meter every hour.

PayPal has been around for a while as a kind of internet banking service, but now available as an app, it’s uses begin to get more diverse. Paypal can be used to pay for bills and services that charge via the internet, and money from your paypal account can also be added to your regular bank account via the app. This makes managing your money much easier, and does away with the desktop computer as a necessity for your online purchases.

These apps have completely overhauled how we buy gifts, organize finance, park our cars, and pay for rides, and the key theme is that they all use smartphones.

Smartphones are the future of accessibility for all, and apps getting more and more diverse and powerful will eventually mean we can do most connection related things through our phones. These are the 5 virtual services / app intangible investments that solve real world problems

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