10 Kinds of People You Will Likely Spot at Clubs

New Year is coming, so are you planning to hit the club this weekend? If yes, be prepared for a fun-filled night. Whether you’re going out with your friends, co-workers, or partner, you are sure to meet a wide range of people. In fact, clubs offer a unique environment that attracts many different types of people. Below is a look at the 10 kinds of people that you are likely to spot at the clubs this weekend.

10 Kinds of People You Will Likely Spot at Clubs

1. The Dancer
Music, lights, and a large dance floor. What's not to love? At least for the Dancer. These types of people never leave the dance floor and oftentimes enjoy when the spotlight is on them. All you have to do to find the Dancer is to take a look under the lights.

2. The Competitor
These types of people are ready for almost any type of competition. Who can drink the most shots? Karaoke competitions? Darts? Pool? You name it they are ready to win. You can easily spot this kind of person hanging around the pool tables or dart boards of Australia origin, waiting for their next match.

3. The Drunk
While some people come to dance, others come only to drink. You will know who these people are right away. They are loud and obnoxious. The ones who can barely stand up straight, let alone walking a straight line.

4. The Pickup Artist
There is not a girl at the bar that can spot the Pickup Artist a mile away. They have all the great lines, or at least the lines they think they do. These smooth operators scan the club constantly looking for their next prey.

5. The Lovers
Oh to be in love! These are the type of people that most of the people at the club wish would just stay home. While everyone else is looking for love - the Lovers have already found it and they are not afraid to let everyone know it.

6. The Divorcee  
The Divorcee is looking for love in all the wrong places. Unlike the Pickup Artist, these people have long forgotten the art of flirting. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the Divorcees typically end up going home alone.

7. The Creeper
Everyone knows the Creeper. The one that make inappropriate comments to everyone passing by. When you run into this type of person, it’s better to turn and run the other way.

8. The Cryer
You will always have the Cryers. The ones that come to the club hoping to drown their sorrows in alcohol, but all they manage to do is to depress everyone around them. This type of person will be sitting at the bar ordering drink after drink.

9. The Texter
You’ll definitely be able to spot the Texter. They act like their phone is attached to their hand and barely look up long enough to have any fun. Steer clear of the Texter because he is probably already attached to the one he or she is texting.

10. The Fighter
It wouldn’t be the club if you didn’t have some Fighters among the group. They start out just being extra loud, but before you know they start pushing and then the punches start flying. The good news is that the Fighter rarely make it through the night without being escorted to the door.

So, put on your best clothes and your dancing shoes and head out for some fun this weekend at your local club. While enjoying some drinks with your friends or dancing it up on the dance floor, take a look around and see how many of these kinds of people you can spot. 


  1. This is the reason I don't like to go to clubs. I don't want to meet any of these types. When I socialise, I would like to have intelligent conversation and I can't have it in a noisy, stinky and dark environment. LOL

  2. Haha.. well saying. Sitting at the club can see different k8nd of people doing different kind of actions. Haha

  3. Hahaha..never been to one but always see these kind of people in movies though.

  4. this is interesting haha. will notice it next time when going club

  5. Haha have definitely spotted the texter from time to time Kels. Such a fun article to read too :)


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