Healthy Solution for Fast Paced Lifestyle with Usana

As working urbanites with busy schedules and multi-tasking we often eat out and sometimes we over indulged. Recently Usana introduced their latest MyShake Nutritional Mix, its a healthy solution to change the way we manage our daily dietary requirements and also promote healthier diet for those who lead a busy lives and constantly on the move like us. 

A Healthy Solution for Fast-Paced Lifestyle with Usana

We are what we eat, a balance diet is vital for us to stay healthy. Our body needs to be fueled with nutritional and balance diet to maintain our lifestyles. MyShake Nutritional drink mix line contains high quality balanced macronutrients such as healthy fats, carbohydrates and high quality protein. The drink is made of natural ingredients and can be consumed by anyone, including people with cholesterol issues or diabetes.

It only take 3 simple steps to prepare the drink

3 simple steps to prepare nutritious drink

Step 1: Get ready the shake base.
There are 2 types of base available such as MyShake 1 Soy or Whey

Shake base: MyShake 1

Step 2: Pick a flavor optimizer or blend with the fruits of your choice
There 5 types of flavors available such as MyShake 2 orange crème, chocolate, match green tea, cappuccino, and strawberry.

Shake Flavour & Booster: MyShake 2 & 3

Step 3: Add the boosters
There are 2 types of booster available such as MyShake 3 Fibergy or Whey Protein Plus. This booster is specially for those who workout and want to build muscles.

During the event I tried some of the shakes created using Usana MyShake and they taste awesome. I wish I can have those shakes for my breakfast, its delicious, filling and of course nutritious. Or perhaps I should start my 7 days weight management programme with these newly launched products and the supplements too.

Usana Shake It Up Party

For more information about A Healthy Solution for Fast-Paced Lifestyle with Usana MyShake, please visit Usana Malaysia Facebook Page or call 03-7953 8028 

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