Scent Maker Crazy Love & Laurel Review

When scent is a memory that we can relate to it becomes more personal and something that we feel close to. Recently we came across a new perfume brand, the Scent Maker that was newly launch in Malaysia. Every Scent Maker fragrance represents a different journey, memory and story. Their signature blend Crazy Love, burst with emotion that reminds me of the days when I was once crazily in love with someone that now belongs to someone else… sound so complicated right. Continue to read if you want to know about this Crazy Love story and hope is still there for me, Laurel.

Scent Maker Crazy Love & Laurel Review

Scent Maker is a story about a travelling alchemist, a third generation perfumer crossing desserts, oceans and terrains in search of definition of himself. Each scent is a chapter and each chapter is a new journey. He picks up the new smells and store it in his mind. Each scent has a memory that goes with it, each drop of scent defines him, his creations with emotions and passion.

Scent Maker Crazy Love edp

Scent Maker Crazy Love
Scent Maker Crazy Love is their signature blend that reminiscence of the beautiful moments filled with happiness. It’s a floral perfume of rose, enhanced by bergamot in head, and surrounded by a spicy green middle note, on a musky background. It’s the scent of love.

Scent Maker Crazy Love edp

Top Notes: Rose, Bergamot, Lime
Heart Notes: Peppers, Spicy Cinnamon
Base Notes: Musk

Scent Maker Laurel edp

Scent Maker Laurel
Scent Maker Laurel is a limited edition special blend that burst with freshness and greenery. This is the scent that brings hope and reminds about the circle of life. Nothing is permanent so appreciate what we have is more important than what we want.

Top Notes: Citrus Fruits, Bergamot, Lime
Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk

Overall, both Crazy Love and Laurel have its own story and emotions. I personally like the Crazy Love more because of its subtly sweet floral with a hint of musky scent. It’s a very feminine and fresh scent that we can wear it daily.

Price: Scent Maker EDP 50ml @ RM180 and EDP 100ml @ RM290

Availability: The Scent Maker is exclusive available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Maju Junction and Parkson IOI City Mall

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