5 Ways to Create Calm & Soothing Atmosphere at Home during Summer

During summer, we will prefer to put off our errands for the later part of the day and choose to relax and cool off at home when sun is shining over head. Summer is good when you have access to beaches, amusement parks, etc., but those who do not have immediate access to any of these activities are rather compelled to stay home to avoid sunburns. However, there are ways you can make your home summer-friendly and have a great time doing whatever you want – read a book, watch movies, cook for yourself and family and things like that. Read on to learn how you can create a soothing atmosphere at home when the sun is shining hot and bright.

5 Ways to Create Calm & Soothing Atmosphere at Home during Summer

1. Change Bed Linens and Curtains
Winters are over and summers have already arrived a long ago. Apparently, it's time to take warm linens and pillow covers off your bed. Also, those dark, heavy curtains hanging rigid against your windows should be shown a way to closet or any which storage you find suitable. Turn your mattress' cold side up and pull out cotton sheets and airy curtains from your cupboard to get over that unsolicited warmth.

2. Appliances
Your air conditioning system may have been shut off for a long time and perhaps it needs a little push to regain its efficiency. Call over your local air conditioning specialist for servicing and cleaning of the system. A well maintained air conditioner not only keeps you cool and comfortable, but it's also energy efficient. For ducted air conditioning systems, check for any kind of unwanted build up inside the ducts. While your technician is on the roll, get your blender and refrigerator checked thoroughly to make sure that they work fine all through the summer so that you are not left longing for that chilled milk-shake or dessert after a hearty meal.

3. Reduce The Brightness
The darker, the better. No matter the temperature outside your house, if the sun is not shining into your room, you can keep most heat at bay. To achieve this, call over a home window tinting Melbourne expert. Window tinting is the best way to ward off UV rays and surplus heat entering your home through windows and other see-through. While the temperature inside your home will drop eventually, your air conditioning system will not have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. You may also use reflector window tinting film for the added benefit of privacy.

4. Re-arrange Furniture
If furniture density in your home is high, you may be required to move some part of your furniture to the basement, for the time being. The more empty space you have, the more air you will be allowed to circulate across your home. While a jam-packed room gives a cosy, warm feeling, a vacant space does exactly the opposite. It's all psychological.

5. Exhaust is a Must
During summers, make sure that exhaust system in your bathroom and kitchen are working fine. Having an electric chimney installed in kitchen will be an added benefit. Since every bathroom and kitchen space has a ventilator and if you did not care to install exhaust system when you moved in, do it now for better. The more heat you are sending out, the easier will it be for your air conditioner to cool down interiors.

Summers can be fun for most people but on the flip side, most others cringe at the idea of going out in the sun. It depends on how you tackle with it. Since you have no other choice than to get along with the scorching heat, find good ways to cool off and stay hydrated. Happy summer! Share it with someone you think will want to read these tips.

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