8 Tips to Increase Natural Skin Beauty For Sports Enthusiasts

Every girl wants to wake up in the morning and see an angel as her reflection in the mirror. It is her natural look, her natural and real beauty. Tons of foundation and cosmetics may present someone better, but if your natural skin is not outstanding, your added complexion will not stand for long. Again, the added chemicals in your makeup will gradually damage your skin. I am not against makeup, but I will surely suggest you to follow some ways which has no side effects and will increase your beauty from your core and nourish your skin. You can enhance your skin beauty naturally with some simple changes in your everyday life. Let’s see how you can have a luster and healthy skin naturally without any wrinkles, dark circles or acne.

8 Tips to Increase Natural Skin Beauty For Sports Enthusiasts

8 Tips to Increase Natural Skin Beauty

1. Eat Healthy
“Yes, yes, I have to eat vitamins, avoid junk foods and so on.” Well, that is not all. Try to focus on green vegetables and fresh fruits with low sugar rate. These things have carotenoid which will make your skin smooth and glowing. Make sure your diet plan contains sufficient Vitamin C and protein which will offer you a radiant skin. You already know that junk food is strictly prohibited. 

2. Drink Water
You may think that you already know this tip. Well, do you really follow it? Let me tell some very important facts to manipulate you. Dehydrated skins are weak and the wrinkles, as well as age marks, get prominent in such skin. Having a jug of water all at once will not be consumed in your body. If you sip a little water every now and then, your skin will stay hydrated.

3. Have A Good Sleep
Have you ever heard a term called “Beauty Sleep”? Well, it is not just a myth. A sound sleep in the night will let your body renew your destroyed or disturbed cells. Your skin receives all the nutrition and repair itself to give you a natural glow in the morning. Lack of sleep will disrupt the maintenance of cells and be ready to see some dark circles and wrinkles.

4. Sun Protection
Nature has changed and the greatest enemy of your skin is the UV rays. I always suggest the people; never expose your unprotected skin to the sun. Use a good sun block which is high in SPF. The UV ray not only reduces your skin complexion, but also leads to skin cancer.

5. Workout
While working out like jogging, cycling or any cardiovascular exercise, your blood circulation increases and it boosts up the cleansing process. Just see the glow in your face just after a jogging session. Again, while sweating, your pores open up and kick out the dirt which was blocking it. Clean your face before jog and take a bath after returning.

6. Avoid Cigarette and Alcohol
Cigarette and alcohol is well-known enemy of your skin. In every puff of a cigarette, you will inhale 400 harmful elements which will play with your immune system. Alcohol will dry out your body and will make your skin dehydrated. I hope you are aware of other demerits of these things.

7. Cleansing
When you go out for a work, tons of toxic elements and dirt come to hang out in your pores which you may not notice in naked eye. Clean your face minimum two times a day, once in the morning and before going to bed. You can pick any products suitable for your skin or you can apply Multani Mitti. Do not scrub too hard, gently rub your hand in a circular way which will clean as well as make your facial muscles relaxed. Never go to bed with your makeup.

8. Stay Relaxed
Over thinking, worrying and tension is not a friend of your skin. Age mark and wrinkles will appear on your face and the key reason is the lack of mental peace. You can mediate, play some games, and have a power nap. Make yourself relaxed. If you live in peace, your posture will glow in a different level.

For The Sports Enthusiast

If you are a sports enthusiast, you will need some extra care for your skin. Follow these tips additionally. 

1. Hydration
Other people have asked to sweat, but you already sweat too much. Never forget to drink some water whenever you get a break. You are in the red zone of dehydration and dehydration will destroy your skin.

2. Protection
The sun block may not be active throughout the game. Wear an extra sleeve on your forearm and high neck. Apply special sun block for the player, not the whitening one.

3. Skin Care
“Wash your face two times a day or take a bath regularly”- these rules are not applicable to you. You are in contact with more dirt and pollution, so clean your face and exposed body parts whenever you can. After every session, try to take a bath, it will relax your body and ensure the cleanliness of your skin.

Having a healthy and acne free skin will give you the liberty to go anywhere without much preparation and also allow you to wear different makeup without much complication. Just let your body to do its job, help your immune system with a balanced diet, sound sleep, and relaxed mind. Take care of your skin while going out and keep it clean. That is all you have to do to increase the natural beauty of your skin. 

Amber Kennedy from freskincare.com

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