The Rise of Luxury Sportswear

It wasn’t long ago that sportswear was solely associated with mobs of shaven-headed youths and underachievers who struggled to get off the sofa before midday. A quick glance on Instagram will now reveal that the most fashionable amongst us are re-purposing sports wear for every occasion, from work right through to the weekend. This style isn’t confined to just one sex, as men and women have both embraced this hyper-luxe trend that offers unprecedented levels of comfort meets style. And if you’re the capsule wardrobe type, it’s easy to introduce a few key pieces without dominating your wardrobe.

The Rise of Luxury Sportswear
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So what exactly does this look entail?
As the name suggests, it’s all about the luxury. Discard any notion that you’re going to be moping into work wearing your everyday joggers and a ratty pair of basic trainers. Sports Luxe can quickly fall into the realm of plain old sports if you don’t pay attention to the details. There are multiple tracks to achieving this look – either invest in luxe sportswear and carefully craft your outfit, or dress down an otherwise luxe outfit with an iconic piece of sportswear. Balance is key, and you should still pay attention to what works for your body shape, but there is a sports luxe look out there for everyone.

Tailored sportswear for the style conscious man
If you’re hoping to get away with this look at work, the key will be to find balance between recognisable office attire and iconic pieces of relaxed sportswear. If you’re opting to ditch the stuffy suit trousers, you can find luxe joggers that will blend in seamlessly with your office wardrobe. Borrowing the same tapered leg as your trusty gym joggers, the sports luxe version will often be highly crafted and more balanced with a less prominent cuff. Ditch the shirt and pair these joggers with more relaxed long sleeve tops.

Tailored sportswear for the style conscious man
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If suit trousers aren’t optional, try pairing them a pair of luxe trainers. And if you want to get away with wearing these to work, look for a high-quality brand such as Balenciaga or Android Homme. You’ll quickly see the difference in quality between these and your weekend pair of New Balance.

Vintage makes a comeback for women
You’ve likely seen many women wearing vintage sportswear in a relaxed setting, but it is slowly starting to gain traction as a more dressy option. Luxe skinnies paired with a vintage sports t-shirt, heels, Thomas Sabo watch and a designer clutch handbag makes the perfect sports luxe statement. Other options for women include luxe bomber jackets and joggers crafted from wool or tweed. Dress down your everyday work wear with a pair of trainers, or throw on an oversized baseball jacket over your favourite business dress. 

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  1. I am not much of a fashion person, but it seems that people are making good use of their foot wear and making a great fashion statement at the same time. Only if I can make myself look cooler, lol


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