Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City Mall Shopping Experience

Irasshaimase Jalan Jalan Japan! we have more shopping experience to share here. Last weekend we were at the Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City Mall, USJ. We were privilege to be invited for the pre-opening shopping experience. There are more than 10,000 pre-loved items from Japan at very affordable prices starting from RM2. Let’s start shopping...

Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City Mall Shopping Experience

Jalan Jalan Japan is located at One City Mall at Level 1A and it’s a 2 floor full of all the pre-loved items all the way from Japan. Most Japanese have great respect for the products they own and they emphasis on quality products. Therefore most of the pre-loved items from Japan tend to be in good conditions, relatively good quality and if you are lucky you mind get the new products too.

Jalan Jalan Japan at One City Mall at Level 1A 
We were welcome to the Jalan Jalan Japan store in Japanese way… Irasshaimase! I had my Grilled Saba Fish Bento Set for lunch at Jyuhachi Ban at Ground Floor One City Mall. Hey filled-up the stomach first, before heading up to Level 1A for shopping.

Toys & Baby Products Section at Jalan Jalan Japan

Let’s start shopping! We started at the soft toys section. Omg… so many toys, happiness is when you feel like a child in a toys store. Some of the toys are new and selling at RM2 and RM5 the most is RM10. I plan to buy for my nieces and nephews but not sure which one the like, so the best is bring them over when the Jalan Jalan Japan open on the 18th Nov, 2016.

Then the next great things is the Toys Section, I saw many mummies buying toys like children bicycle or scooter for only RM50, train for only RM40 and many more. Just take note, to test the products and make sure it’s working before buying them.

Bags & Shoes Section at Jalan Jalan Japan

The Bags Section, I bought a few bags for only RM5 and RM10 and surprisingly its new… yeeehaaa! To all the mummies with children don’t say I “Bo Kong” (never say) the Japan Randoseru School Bag is only RM20 available in Black and Red. The condition is like 70% new so this is a great buy if you have school children. If you search you may also get branded bag for RM10 or less than RM50. Some branded bags are more that buy still way cheaper than the price outside.

Here is the Shoe Section, some blogger managed to hunt for a new shoes with the price tag still intact at only RM10, the original shoe price is RM700. Waaaa… I wish I hunt harder and get those great bargains too.

Household, Golf & Sports, Clothes and Music & Hobbies Section at Jalan Jalan Japan

If you are into Japanese pots and pans, cutleries, dining wares make sure you go to the Household Section. Over there you will go gaga when you see the price. Most of the items only RM5, RM10 or those nice stainless steel pot and kettle only RM30. You can find a lot of good quality golf items at the Sports Section / Golf Section. There are also guitar and surf boards. Wow! We noticed that the Clothes Section is quite huge. There are almost everything from everday wear, fashionable clothes to winter wear for the whole family ~ women, men, children and baby.

Jalan Jalan Japan Shopping Experience

I bought a cabin size luggage bag for only RM40 that looks like new, actually its new after I checked, zip, unzip, tested roller, retractable handle and the lock system. It is so sturdy and light, such a great bargain. Then I fall in love with an oversized cat tote bag that is also new. Guess what its only RM5 lah. Awesome right! I can use it for a short trip or it’s great as my fashionable laundry bag. Then I found a white sparkling sling bag that I think will be suitable for Christmas.

I think I might be going back with family, especially my nieces and nephews I am sure there are a lot more things they can buy there with hurting my wallet, lol…

Overall I had a pleasant shopping experience at Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City Mall. If you go early you might be able to hunt for a better bargain. There are many pre-loved items from Japan and some of them are new or looks like new and in good conditions. Getting bargain is just human nature and at Jalan Jalan Japan no matter what is your budget you always get more.

Happy Shopping! Jalan Jalan Japan will be opened to public on 18th Nov, 2016 and the first 100 shoppers receive 10% discount voucher (valid on that same day). 

Jalan Jalan Japan Management Team

Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City Mall
Level 1A (Block A) Sky Park @ One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1A, 47650 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-8601 5852 / 012-322 2106

Jalan Jalan Japan is established my Bok Marketing Sdn Bhd. For more information and update about Jalan Jalan Japan @ One City Mall, please visit their Facebook Page


  1. A good place to shop and save money. I am looking for cheap winter clothes.

  2. i am so going back to shop for more.. need some shoes and a schoolbag for my girl

  3. New place to explore and get some products from Japan.

  4. Oh wow... this is so crazy, must go and check it out :)

  5. Im really suprised when look at the prices over there...im going to suggest about the to all my family and friends...really its awesome... :)

  6. Im really suprised when look at the prices over there...im going to suggest about the to all my family and friends...really its awesome... :)


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