Pilates Reformer & Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy @ Phillip Wain, Starhill Gallery KL

Here is my mini escape in the city, I decided to take a few hours break from my busy schedule to distress. Recently I tried the Pilates Reformer Exercise and the Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy at Phillip Wain, Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur. Exercise and beautifying myself is the best ways to distress and harmonized my overall well-being.

Pilates Reformer & Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy @ Phillip Wain, Starhill Gallery KL

Here we are, me and Charmaine at the Pilates Reformer Class guided by the instructor Ms Ling. Have you try the Pilates Reformer exercise before? Pilates Reformer is a type of exercise machine that brings together all the exercise techniques of Pilates and turning them into an intense workout that targets the whole body. The reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame.

Pilates Reformer focus on breathing, stretching and strengthen core muscles

We started with simple steps then gradually moved to more challenging steps and positions. First is focus on breathing, then the stretching and after that we trained on core muscles and strength. Towards the end the steps getting more challenging and I can feel that certain part of my body was shaking, that’s show that I need more exercise to strengthen my core muscles.

Pilates is different from yoga; yoga requires moving from one static posture to the next, Pilates flows through a  series of movements that are more dynamic, systematic and anatomically-based incorporating resistance equipment. The goal with Pilates exercise is to strengthen the postural muscles while achieving optimal functional fitness.

Pilates Reformer improve body posture and muscles flexibility

Overall, I find that Pilates Reformer like physiotherapy session that helps to re-align my whole body posture, relieve stress and many health benefits as well. That day I was had my period, according to the instructor it is alright to continue with the training because this exercise will helps to regulate my blood circulation and reduce the menses pain or cramp. I did it and feel good after the class.

Pilates Reformer exercise

Pilates Reformer exercise benefits:

1. Promote Proper Posture: yes I can feel it immediately. This exercise helps me to stretch and re-align my posture. The machine improves spinal alignment, allowing the body to stabilize to reduce lower back pain.

2. Develop a Stronger Core Muscle: as you can see the exercise train all our major muscles in the body, including the core.  With a strong core, we can generate power without exposing yourself to injuries.

3. Improve Muscle Flexibility: the Pilates Reformer machine engages various muscle groups through a full range of motion, giving every muscle fiber a good stretch.

4. Improve Breathing: the very basic step is breathing, to relax our body and also assists us to proper breathing techniques.

It is advisable to go for this Pilates Reformer exercise twice a week and we can see the postural improvement within 10-12 classes. Of course, I wish to attend more classes to see visible improvements.

Ready for my Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy 

So after the exercise, it’s time to chill and ready for my Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy. Well, most girls want to have that V shaped face, including myself. This facial is HIFU combines with I-Firm skincare that give instant results.

Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy 

Basically HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound therapy that helps to improve wrinkle, skin elasticity and appearance of lines and to form collagen. There are 2 steps, the first step is to rejuvenate the skin and the second steps penetrate to the deeper layer of our skin to firm up the skin.

During the treatment, I felt there are some pinching sensations and it’s on and off. Certain areas its ok I don’t feel anything at all but on the more sensitive areas like my cheeks and side of my lips I can feel the heat and sensations. It is bearable, however the therapist can also adjust the level to suit your tolerance level.

Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy 

The facial takes about 45 minutes including cleanse, exfoliating, machine therapy, massage and mask. As you can see the half face of the before and after the facial, on the right side the cheek area is sharper and more V and the eyes also lifted compared to the left side.

After 2 to 3 days the results are event better when the skin rejuvenation start to work. I can feel that my cheeks are firmer and the laugh lines are more plumped therefore less visible. Overall the Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy helps to firm-up cheeks and defined my jawline. It gives a subtle V shaped without have to go through surgeries. Given a chance I will go for this therapy again. 

At the chill-out zone having my healthy meal after the Pilates Reformer and Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy at Phillip Wain, Starhill Gallery KL

After that I had my light meal, tuna sandwiches and orange juice at the chill-out zone. I hope you enjoy a bit of my sharing about my city escape. 

If you are interested to try the Pilates Reformer exercise and Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy please call the outlet for the special trial price.

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Contact: +603-2148 2200

For more information about Pilates Reformer & Ultra Focus V Lift Therapy, please visit Phillip Wain Malaysia Facebook Page and Website 

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