Engagement Rings to Suit Different Women’s Personalities

Choosing an engagement ring is never going to be an easy or simple task. You don’t only have to think about budget and style, but also whether or not it will actually suit the lifestyle and dress sense of your potential bride-to-be. To really know what ring is perfect for what woman, it’s so important that her personality and lifestyle are first on the list of deliberations. So which rings will suit which personalities? Whether you’re a woman trying to find your ideal style, (so you can drop some hints), or a man desperately trying to figure out what design to buy your prospective bride-to-be, this quick guide should help.

Engagement Rings to Suit Different Women’s Personalities

Does your other half love all things whimsical, romantic and vintage? If this is the case, you definitely need to play this to your advantage! Consider ring settings that feature intricate details, filigree and scrollwork patterns, elaborate galleries and dainty bands. Or, if your bride-to-be loves unique one-of-a-kind pieces from the past, contemplate finding an authentic antique engagement ring.

This woman loves to stand out and make a statement. This is a lady that isn’t going to be ecstatic if you hold out a simple design that looks like it’s been picked off the shelf. For this, you may need to go totally bespoke. Try looking into acquiring loose diamonds online, and getting them set into a bespoke design somewhere locally. This will mean you can have a ring that really is 100% unique and special – every fashionista’s dream! If your bride desires to dazzle with glamour, she’ll probably love a setting that holds her diamond higher on her finger.

If the woman in your life is chic, modern, fashion-forward? She’s a sex-in-the-city addicted, cocktail obsessed and loves nothing more than a night on the town? Sounds familiar? Well then she really deserves a ring that reflects her lifestyle. Look at sculptural engagement rings – rings that breach boundaries and experiment with more non-traditional forms. Consider a bezel setting, which has a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around. If you’d rather waive the traditional center diamond altogether, contemplate going for a wide band ring with intricate detail and embellishments.

Is this lady a nature lover, or someone who is happiest outdoors? Ring settings can with organic elements in their designs such as leaves, vines, and flowers may be just the thing. For an active woman, consider a setting that holds the diamond lower to the hand, so to avoid catching it. There are a number of brands out there that specialise in natural, outdoor-sy designs, such as Clogau Gold. A thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around, is  great for keeping the diamond protected.

While some people dread receiving a boring classic solitaire, this is the dream setting for many women. It’s ageless and stages the center diamond without any distraction – it’s simple sophistication at its peak. Solitaires are rings that feature one center diamond, and they are the most popular style for engagement rings. Don’t be fooled into thinking that traditional means boring though! Sometimes, less is just more. For the classy, but not plain-Jane lady in your life, go for the enduring solitaire design.

This design can be really eye-catching, but also, will make the center diamond you select look much bigger. 

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